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Mom and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

My day started at 4 a.m. when Kiddo cried for me because he wet the bed and after I changed his sheets and got him back to sleep, I couldn’t sleep. When I gave...

50 Texas Weekend Getaway Destinations

Ready to get the heck outta dodge? Whether your weekend is two days or stretched to four, Texas has a plethora of getaway worthy spots. Here are fifty that we love and just a...

The Practical Pre-Baby To-Do List

When baby gets here, you will be BUSY. And tired. Really, really tired. If you are type A planner, you may be thinking “what can I do pre-baby to make post-baby a little less...

15 Unsolicited Real Life Comments

Unsolicited comments from total strangers or mild acquaintances come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just plain false and others are spectacularly useful. Here are fifteen unsolicited comments I’ve heard more than once. Unsolicited...

10 Best Playgrounds in Austin & Surrounding Areas

Austin has a LOT of playgrounds, from your standard one-slide-and-two-swings variety to really incredible climbing, slides that tempt adults and shady seating to boot. Here are ten totally awesome playgrounds, Westlake to Georgetown, that...

5 Tips to Joining Bank Accounts

5 Tips to Joining Bank Accounts Last night a newlywed(ish) couple and some of our besties told us they had an announcement. They combined their bank accounts! The reason they made this seemingly random announcement is...

One and Done

“Are you going to have another baby?” Guess who asked that? Not my mom. Not my mother-in-law. Not even a girlfriend. It was the teenager bagging my groceries at HEB while my toddler flirted with...

50 Ways to Cool Off This Summer

With the recent Austin monsoon season, it is sometimes hard to believe, but soon it will be hot and sunny here. Really hot actually. Keeping cool can become a full-time job if you aren’t...
Austin Moms Blog | No Hitting

Dealing With the Hitting Phase of Toddlerhood

My sweet, adorable, snuggly boy is in a less than sweet, less than adorable, definitely not snuggly phase: hitting. A week or two ago, my just-turned-two year old started hitting us when we don’t give...

Dear Teacher, An Open Letter To the Teachers

Dear Teacher, You are a saint. You spend just as much time with our kiddos, some weeks more, as we do and you keep coming back. We know you get paid and this isn’t just...