Cole Godvin

Cole’s zig-zag journey and took an especially sharp turn when she moved to Palo Alto, fell in love, gave birth, and then moved with her little family of three to Austin, all in 2016, when she was 46. Luckily, she loves live music! Her daughter, Sidonie, shines bright, laughs loud and loves live music. Her partner, Rick, works at the new Dell Medical School, and also loves live music. We’re all three excited to be living in the unique urban revolution that is Austin. Cole is now finishing an MA in Art Ed at UT, teaches and makes art, runs (well, jogs slowwwwly) around Townlake, explores the cultural scene, travels frequently and always makes time for play. She is delighted to join the Austin Moms Blog team!

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Mama, Embrace Your Uniqueness

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Meet Cole Godvin

Meet Cole Godvin I’ve lived in quite a few cities, and by living I pretty much mean having fun, struggling, dreaming, trying to figure it all out. New York is expensive. LA is expensive. The...

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