Cortney Zieky

Cortney Zieky
Cortney is a mother of two, #atxfoodie and lover of fitness! She married her soul-mate, Max, after a love at first sight experience in Las Vegas. Together, they have two children Zander (7) and Zia (5). As a family, they love exploring Austin, trying new restaurants, s’mores by the fire, and vacationing in CO & Cali! Her passion lies in health and wellness. She adores grocery shopping, farmers markets, cooking new recipes, and exercise! Cortney is on a quest to keep her family healthy, dining on the cleanest ingredients, while still having fun and eating paleo chocolate chip cookies!! She started a Health Coaching business in 2019 to help families find the joy in living and eating healthfully! Follow her journey and learn more about her coaching services @happydinneratx and

Mom’s Guide To Meditation

We often hear about meditation as being a necessary way to unplug from our busy, over connected, over stimulated 2019 lives, but it's a practice that's been around for over 5,000 years. According to...

National Walnut Day–Fun Ways To Enjoy Walnuts With Your Kids!

  May 17th is National Walnut Day! Let’s honor these heart healthy, brain enhancing super foods by incorporating walnuts into our family menu this month! I’ve included kid friendly recipes’ so hopefully your little ones...

Decluttering Our Home Of Plastics

Did you know eight million metric tons of plastic ends up in the “garbage patches” of our oceans every year? That is equivalent to five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of...

Baking Recipes With Sneaky Greens And Smiles!

Getting our kids to eat well can be a daily struggle, Right? As much as I’d love for my four and six year old children to crave vegetables every day, as I do, it...

Best Day Dates!

Best Day Dates! One of my 2019 resolutions was to make more time for Fun! I've committed to scheduling at least 1 day date per month with my husband. The Goal?--To enjoy being with each other,...

Kindergarten: Now or Later? The Holding Them Back Debate.

Kindergarten: Now or Later? The Holding Them Back Debate. When you have a summer boy,  your Kindergarten start date is a hot topic! My son, Zander, was born August 3rd, and I can’t even count how...

The Austin Mom’s Guide To Leggings

The Austin Mom's Guide To Leggings   Hey Mama’s! It’s the month of love, so I’m here to talk about something near and dear to my heart. Leggings!! I still remember purchasing my first pair of...

Meet Cortney Zieky

Meet Cortney Zieky I’m so excited to be here!  I’m an Arizona born, fitness fanatic, foodie, loving life in Austin, TX! I’m married to my soul mate, Max, who I was lucky enough to meet...