Courtney Branson

Courtney Branson
Appreciative Children

Raising Appreciative Children

Earlier this year, I saw the phrase “Kindness is magic” on a shirt. It got me thinking about kindness and magic. So often I struggle with the balance between raising a kind, grateful daughter...
stylish daughter

My Daughter Is Way More Stylish Than Me

I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. In the early 90s, I wore bandannas as belts, vests over everything, and combat boots with sundresses. I hoarded used Vogue magazines under my...
child's teacher

I Didn’t Like My Daughter’s Teacher

I didn’t like my daughter’s first preschool teacher. At all. But, in time I learned that my dislike had to do with my own struggle to let go of control and find my new...
play-based preschool

Preschool Is For Play

Before I dive in, our past experiences and intuition inspired our preschool decision. As long as the preschool loves and cares for your child, at the end of the day there’s unlikely to be...

Fed Is Best

This blog doesn’t serve to diminish breastfeeding but rather to share other options out there because when it comes to our children, fed is best. Two years ago, I gave birth to my first child,...
iPad for kids

I’m a Goldfish Giving, Cry-it-Out, Give Them the iPad Type of Mom

When I think of childhood summers, I remember endless boredom and my mom telling me to go outside with my sisters. Well, “just watch a movie on the iPad” is my version of go...

Goodbye In-laws, Hello Happiness

Four years ago in a coffee shop, that’s the last time I saw my husband’s brother and his wife. Calling them in-laws feels traitorous to the warm relationships I have with most of my...
father's day gift guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

When I think back on Father’s Day as a child I remember my Dad grilling hamburgers outside, playing t-ball at the park, and showering him with homemade cards. My sisters, mom, and I spent...

The Accidental Co-sleepers

Back in 2015, as a soon to be first-time mom, I was a Google machine. One of my many research topics was safe sleep. I knew all the rules: baby on her back, nothing...
only want one child

I Only Want One Child

After getting married the question no one is afraid to ask is, “When are you going to have a child?” In 2015, after announcing we were expecting a little girl the madness ended. Or...