Courtney Weynand

Memorial Day Flood

Up On The Housetop: How My Family Survived The Memorial Day Flood

Last Memorial Day weekend, with our two children tucked in for the night and card games commencing, everything began with a kind neighbor knocking to let us know that the water was expected to...

2 Dozen Egg Hunts in Austin

There will be dozens and dozens of eggs to be hunted this Easter and we've collected 2 dozen (wink, wink) community egg hunts that you can enjoy with your families. Don't be fooled, however,...

When Your Marriage is as Stale As Day-Old Bread

  Note that the title of this post didn’t say WEEK-OLD bread. Let’s not beat around the bush here. Sometimes marriage can get into a rut. Not the kind of rut that will take a...

Infertility – The Big IF

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you’re falling fast towards the ground and you can’t do anything to stop it? And then, picture right in the middle of your fall, someone...

The Exotic Bustle of a SAHM

It’s an age old question, really. What ever in the world does a mother do while biding her time at home? Seriously?? Doesn’t that question seem antiquated and totally clueless??!? Okay, okay. Maybe it’s because...

Gifts That Give Back

Whether you’re ready or not, the holiday season is upon us. Part of the merry-making typically involves gift giving. Now holiday gifts can take many forms, from neatly packaged baked goods to skillfully crafted...

50 Things to Do in Austin this Winter

Now that we've ACTUALLY gotten into temperatures below 80 degrees it's FINALLY time to start thinking about winter. The city and surrounding areas offer many activities and events to enjoy in preparation for the...

13 Halloween DIY Ideas for the Home

Halloween is upon us so, if you haven’t already, it’s time to bust out your plastic pumpkins and gauzy goblins. But wait! There’s definitely more to this spooky season than pumpkins and ghosts. We’ve...

Avoidance Tactics in Target: Survival Lessons of an Introverted Mama

I’m not even going to to try to pretend that there is a woman out there who doesn’t love Target. Someone who isn’t enamored by the bullseye *might* exist...but I’m highly doubtful. And now...

Party Favors and Thank You Notes: A Parenting Dilemma

Party Favors and Thank You Notes: A Parenting Dilemma Birthday parties are kind of a big deal in my world. In part because they’re a fun way to celebrate your own child but I honestly...