Dana Thompson

Dana Thompson, M.Ed. has been a fine arts educator in Greater Austin Area secondary public schools for over a decade. After years spent working in theatrical wardrobe and commercial makeup artistry, she found her calling in the classroom guiding young people to become innovative, well-rounded thinkers prepared for a future in the global economy. Never-married, Dana had an unconventional journey into motherhood. Although the births of her two sons flipped, turned her life upside down, she is proud to include the title of “boy mom” to her many accolades. When she is not surrounded by her children, at school or at home, Dana enjoys getting into good trouble with the diverse women who complete her tribe.

Things Will Never Be the Same

Since March 2020, I have had an article for this blog sitting stagnant in an online folder of writing projects. The premise of the article? How our normal should change following a global pandemic....

Learning to Love Myself This Valentine’s Day

For most of my adult life, I have always felt like I was waiting for love, waiting for “the one” to make his entrance. I have had relationships that burned quickly or raged on...

The Ascension of a King: Chadwick Boseman, Legacy, and Black Dignity

The Ascension of a King: Chadwick Boseman, Legacy, and Black Dignity - Before I began to write this piece, it was important for me to clear my energy, connect with my heart, and channel...

Brown Skin Girls, Backs Against the World: My Thoughts This Black History Month

As I sat down to write this piece, an inspirational song began to play from a favorite playlist in Apple Music. As the chorus began, my voice seamlessly chimed in with that of Beyonce...

Meet Dana Thompson :: Headstrong Single Mother + Career Woman Overcoming Storms

Headstrong. Obstinate. Wild. Like the heroines of my favorite novels. Reflecting on the woman I continue to become, I would liken myself to Jo March of Louisa Mae Alcott’s ​Little Women​. I am the gull,...