Daria Zadik

late night mom

The Late Night Mom

The children are nestled all snug in their beds. Kitchen's clean. Toys put away.  Backpacks prepped and ready for tomorrow. Face washed. Teeth brushed. Time for momma to catch some Zs, right? Well now, that...
being a dad is hard

5 Reasons Being a Dad Stinks! (…But Not Really)

I’ve known my entire life that I wanted to be a dad. It started when I was little and looked up to my own father. He was funny, smart, strong and was always there. ...
Father's Day Craft

Building Memories with Dad: A Simple Father’s Day Craft

This Father’s Day, have your kids surprise Dad with a gift that will keep him smiling for years to come. It’s incredibly simple Father's Day craft to make; I promise you won’t end up...
anniversary gifts

Anniversary Gifts, Austin-Style

  Life has a way of making us think we have all this time, right? And then suddenly you realize tomorrow's your anniversary, and you end up sneaking off to Walgreen's in the middle of...
include autistic friends

Thoughtful Ways to Include Autistic Friends

Hello bluebonnets, flip flops and patio weather! It’s officially Spring in Austin! I love love love this time of year. Everything is so green and alive. This spring is a little bit different for me...

Meet Daria Zadik

Hi everyone! I’m Daria! Yup, just like that TV show from the 90s.  As I type this, I have a toddler and a Chiweenie at my feet sharing a cheese stick (ewww), I’m sipping my...