Destiny Harris

Destiny is a Sooners fan who happened to marry a Longhorns fan and they live happily ever after 8 months out of the year. As a first first-time mom to a 6-month-old baby girl, she is currently focusing on surviving the teething stage and functioning on 3 hours of sleep a night. She considers herself a reality TV connoisseur and Bravoholic who tries to live every day like Andy Cohen is watching. You can follow her motherhood journey on Instagram @thenoninstamom.

Teaching Children to Celebrate Differences

Everyday I am reminded that the world my daughter is growing up in is completely different than the world I grew up in. While there have been so many things that have happened in...
frustrated children

Are We Raising Frustrated Children?

As soon as I became a mother, I became a statistician, okay not really, but the amount of numerical data you must keep track of is incredible. I was expected to track everything my...

Thank you, Heroic Essential Workers of Austin

Today is a thank you to the heroic essential workers of Austin... They say you never forget where you were when you experience a traumatic or life-changing event and for me, that is 100%...

My Experience As A Black Mom In Austin

While there are many shared experiences that unite most first-time parents, the preparation for parenthood felt a little different for me and many of my friends who are raising black children in Austin. Not only...

Meet Destiny Harris :: The Non-Insta Mom

I would like to think of myself as the Bear Grylls of motherhood, but instead of surviving in the wild I’m surviving motherhood. Quite honestly, being a mom is a never ending adventure into...