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Happy Mother’s Day From Your Adult-Child

Happy Mother's Day mommy, Mom! You're the best mom an adult-child could ask for. I know that I still call you for tips on how to boil water or to ask where exactly do you...

Quitting Alcohol: A Mother’s Struggle With Sobriety

Peanut butter and jelly. Soap and water. Meat and potatoes. Old folks and tapioca. Moms and wine. To disassemble any of these dynamic duos feels unnatural to the tongue and unsettling to the gut. Go...

The Revolutionary IDEA of Farm to School Programs

Sponsored By: IDEA Public Schools You may have heard the concept of “farm to table” dining with concerns to the growing hip trend among the culinary scene. The term refers to practice of growing and using...

The Life-Changing Magic of VarageSale

Sponsored By: VarageSale The Life-Changing Magic of Varage Sale I recently went on a de-cluttering spree in my entire house, inspired with energy after reading the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. One...

Crunched for Time? Fitting Fitness Into Your Schedule with Crunch Live

Sponsored By: Crunch Live Crunched for Time? Fitting Fitness Into Your Schedule We all remember where we were the day it happened. The tragic moment when we looked in the mirror and realized that our age and...

Our New Baby Caused Our Divorce

I might still be married if we hadn't decided to have a baby. Still lying under the sheets next to a beautiful man. Still wearing that heirloom diamond ring I loved staring at...

I Travel Without My Child and Why You Should, Too

I Travel Without My Child and Why You Should, Too The beginning of autumn has me reflecting on the unforgettable memories I made during my summer vacation. All those priceless memories that I had shared with...

5 Reasons to LEGO and Enjoy Play-Well TEKnologies

Sponsored By: Play-Well TEKnologies 5 Reasons to LEGO and Enjoy Play-Well TEKnologies When I heard about the LEGO Pre-Engineering event (ages 5-7 years old) hosted by Play-Well TEKnologies, I knew it would be the perfect play...

A Minimalist’s Guide to Dealing with Father’s Day as a Divorcee

A Minimalist's Guide to Dealing with Father's Day as a Divorcee Because any more steps and you risk being "that ex-wife." (P.S. You don't want to be "that ex-wife.") Step 1. Go ahead and just say it. Say...
Austin Moms Blog | Why I Chose an Elective C-Section

Why I’m Proud of My Elective C-Section…and Why I’m Not

I'll give you three seconds to gather the pitchforks and torches....ready? Good. Deep breath in, deep breath out--let's do this. I had an elective C-section for no medical reason. None.  I was simply scared out of...