Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis lives in Austin and works as a writer at and an editorial assistant for Texas Lifestyle Magazine. She's a single mom to two adorably headstrong teenagers and dog mom to two tiny willful canines.
New Year's Eve

13 Family-Friendly Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve in Austin

No matter how you choose to spend your New Year’s Eve this year, there’s a family-friendly event somewhere in Austin just for you. From virtual parties to noon-time balloon drops, this incredibly family-friendly list...
The Academy of Games

The Academy of Games: Online Storytelling, Roleplaying Games for Kids

The Academy of Games creates alliances among strangers and builds friendships out of fantasies. The Academy of Games is exactly what it sounds like, games for kids! From Minecraft to Halo and every game in...

7 Safety Tips for Your Teen Driver + Apprehensive Parents

Teaching a teenager the ins and outs of driving probably doesn’t top your list of to-dos but chances are, getting behind the wheel and the freedom it affords are all your 16- year old can think...