Erin Ellis

Erin owns Events by Erin, a custom event planning business and co-owns Ellis Designs LLC, a custom woodworking business with her husband, John Ellis. Together, their greatest design is their wonderful daughter, Elizabeth. Erin is an Austin native and graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in English. She lives in Round Rock, enjoys running, going to the movies and the beach, and of course, writing for Austin Moms Blog!

Activities for Sick Days

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s kind of little flu, strep throat, you-name-it epidemic going on right now. Chances are, you’ve had the flu or some sinus situation that has left you...

Well Aren’t You Special…

Ever meet those moms or other adults who make you feel like a mom-failure? Whenever this happens, I can’t help but think about an old Saturday Night Live skit that Dana Carvey used to...

Napping Wars

Frustration What is more frustrating than a baby fighting nap time? You just get your schedule down, with eating, napping, and bedtime, then baby decides, she’s not having it, and you feel like your world...
get rid of the pacifier

Bye Bye Pacifier!

What could be better than a newborn taking a pacifier right away and being immediately soothed by it? My husband and I thought we lucked out when Elizabeth took a pacifier like a champ....
school teachers

Why Teachers are the Best and Coolest People You Will Ever Meet

Okay, I’ve recently realized that many of my close friends are, or have been at one time, a teacher. I meet a mom at the park, we chat, I tell a dumb joke, she...
Preschool blues

First Year of Preschool Blues

Well, it happened. My daughter, my only daughter, my only child, has started preschool. Sighhhh. Where does the time go? Thank goodness it is only twice a week, and only five hours long, but...

Planning a Halloween Party

So, you wanna plan a Halloween party (cue Vincent Price’s “Thriller” Laugh)…Here are some tips and ideas for hosting a “Spooktacular” Soiree! Halloween party tips:  Decide on a Budget: The biggest decision maker will be how much...
mean girls

How to Handle Mean Girls (and Mean Moms)

With the new school year here, you and your kiddos are sure to meet lots of new people, some amazing, friendly and sweet, and some, well, mean. Here are some tips I’ve compiled for handling...
cheap tricks to entertain toddlers

Cheap Tricks to Entertain Toddlers

Every mother knows that the attention span of a toddler is about as long as…that, and so sometimes those long lunches at places where there is no playscape (why do those still exist? It’s...
Memorial Day Getaways

Quick Getaways for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always special for us since we have several family members on both sides who serve or served in the military. I love seeing old pictures of my grandfathers in uniform, one...