Barton Hills Farms

Tips for Visiting Barton Hill Farms

Every fall since we moved back to Austin in 2014, we have made the 40-mile trek from Hutto to Bastrop to visit Barton Hill Farms, and every fall the farm gets better and better....

Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Fall in Austin

It’s a little harder to notice fall in Austin where the weather doesn’t cool considerably until maybe (maybe) October (or lets get real November...) and the leaves don’t change until December (if they change...

Best Supplies for Back to School From a Teacher

Having been a student and a teacher for most of my life, you could say that I’ve had extensive experience with school supplies. If my years have taught me anything, it’s that function and...
January Kids

14 Things To Do With the Kids in January in Austin

The holidays are over. The kids are back in school. The nights are long. The weather is cold. The month of January can be somewhat depressing for both adults and kids; however, there is no...

How to Have a Fantastic February

February may be the shortest month, even with an extra day tacked on every four years, but it's long on celebrations! It's a month of love and libraries, freedom and fasting, Black history and...

Why I Stopped Drinking Diet Soda

Many moons ago, my drink of choice was Coke Zero. When I became pregnant back in 2011, however, I remember reading that I should avoid drinking diet soda. Not only does diet soda oftentimes contain...

Why Dave Ramsey Worked For Our Family

About six years ago, I was just finishing up my Master’s degree and had accumulated thousands of dollars in student loans. My husband and I were both working jobs that paid next to nothing....

I Don’t Tribe Well

I don’t tribe well. I really don’t. That’s the ugly truth right there in pink and white. As a young girl, I would sometimes run around with the neighborhood kids playing Hide ‘n Seek or walking...

Best Family Trips To Book In 2019? Visit A National Park!

Best Family Trips To Book In 2019? Visit A National Park! Family vacations are a time to have fun and connect with each other. What better place to seek adventure, serenity, and connection than at one...

Read To Me, Mama: A Collection Of The Best Family Books

Read To Me, Mama: A Collection Of The Best Family Books Read to me riddles and read to me rhymes. Read to me stories of magical times. Read to me tales about castles and kings. Read to me stories...