Erin Ruoff

Erin Ruoff
I love to share outfits, babies, treats and travels. My personal blog, Hi Lovely,is focused on photography, fashion and greater well-being of this new mama's life. You'll find me easily seduced by a lovely cup of coffee, a well designed hand bag or a margarita. I might be covered in baby poop one day and diamonds the next. Thus the life of a mom who blogs.

Pumpkin Patches in Central Texas

Pumpkin Patches in Central Texas! WHO IS READY??? The Austin area is vast with many Fall activities and places to go to enjoy this season. Here is a list of pumpkin patches by location so you can...

Blo Outs and Mom’s Nights Out

Get ready, get set.... BLO! We're here to introduce you to the newest blo on the block, she resides in the Hill Country Galleria. That's right, grab a great lunch at Whole Foods and then...

Worth It Wednesday: SwaddleSure by Halo

Oh, sleep sacks. You may have saved my marriage and life with a newborn. Sound asleep my baby sleeps in his sleep sack. I have gone through probably 6 brands of sleep sacks or swaddles...

Travel and Tasking with BABYBJÖRN {Giveaway}

Sponsored By: BabyBjörn How do I run a business, two blogs, maintain a household, and have a social life? Enter my new BABYBJÖRN travel crib. Literally takes me 30 seconds to set up and I'm ready to...
Gifts for a New Mom | Austin Moms Blog | Pregnancy and Maternity Gifts

Fail-Proof Gifts for a New Mom

We all know this simple fact - life with a newborn is hard. New moms are hard on themselves. She thinks she has NO idea what she's doing. She doesn't sleep when the baby sleeps....
What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman | Austin Moms Blog | Erin Ruoff | Pregnancy Tips

15 Things NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

I've heard some CRAZY things over the past 41 weeks. That's right -- 41 weeks. Some people just have no shame in asking inappropriate questions or saying inappropriate things. I sure won't miss these: "You're...

Show off that BUMPstyle

I'm 9.5 months pregnant. And tired. And uncomfortable. Going to Nordstrom and trying on clothes in the tiny dressing rooms makes me depressed. I try and try to buy cute clothes that I want...
Top 10 Posts of 2014 | Austin Moms Blog

Austin Moms Blog’s TOP Blogs of 2014

Time to reminisce on our top posts of 2014. These are the posts that YOU chose to read, share and love the most. Have you read them all?? 5 Reasons Your Husband Should Get a Vasectomy Deciding on...
Black Friday | Austin Moms Blog

How to Win Black Friday

It’s hard to believe we’re already just a few days away from Black Friday -- one of my most favorite days of the year! Call me crazy but I have been an avid Black Friday...
Halloween Gender Reveal Idea | Boo-y of Ghoul | Austin Moms Blog

Boo-y or Ghoul?? Halloween Gender Reveal Bash!

This weekend's Halloween gender reveal party was exhausting, nerve racking, crazy but SO worth it! Boo-y or Ghoul? Which did you guess?? I LOVED the idea of a Halloween-themed party so I had to make...