Gretchen Pierce

Gretchen Pierce
Gretchen is a former communications manager turned stay-at-home mom to her son Shepherd, born in December 2016. She and husband Ryan moved to Austin in 2014 from the Washington, D.C. area after spending time at Ryan’s family ranch in the Hill Country and falling in love with the area. They also have two high-maintenance fur babies, Hank and Gracie. Gretchen enjoys tennis, creative projects, lake time, and finding kid-friendly fun in Austin with her active son.

There’s No Hierarchy For Pain (And Other Lessons From The NICU)

Ten weeks ago, I sat in my then three-day-old daughter’s isolation room in the NICU, sobbing to the head nurse. In between the sobs were apologies: “I’m sorry you have to waste your time comforting me....

60+ Things to Do This Fall Season

When my son was 10 months old, we took him to the Barton Hill Farms Fall Festival in Bastrop for the obligatory pumpkin patch photo. We had lived in Texas for over 2 years...

14 Best Playdate Spots In Austin

Sometimes I wish that life was more like the carefree “olden” days my mom describes, when she could walk down the street at any time and find a mom to chat with and neighbor...

Guide To Walking Around The UT Campus

When friends or family visit, I usually focus on bringing them to the best restaurants, live music venues, and outdoor destinations I know, since to me that’s where Austin really shines. But when it...

The Reality of Nature Deficit Disorder, and How You Can Fight It

My toddler has a lot of demands these days, but one that I always try to accommodate is when he asks to go outside (usually followed by another request to take his shoes off)....

13 Products to Help You Gear Up for Baby #2

When I was pregnant with my first child, building my registry was a daunting and painstaking process. I researched everything to death, trying to curate the perfect list of items that would ease the...

10 Best Nonstop Flights From Austin For Family Vacations

When I’m considering any sort of travel with my toddler, my criteria for the flight are 1) it must be nonstop, 2) it must not be longer than 3.5 hours, and 3) it must...

Your Birth Experience: Knowledge Is Power

Before even getting pregnant, I watched the documentary The Business of Being Born, which explores the experience of childbirth in the U.S. today. While I recognize the film’s biases, it was enlightening for me....

Ultimate Austin Summer Bucket List for 2019

Summer in Austin is all about having adventures and beating the heat. From water play to movie nights to day trips, there are endless ways to find fun under the (really hot) sun. If...

10 Reasons Why Parenting Was Less Stressful For My Mom

Being a mom has brought me the most joy I’ve ever experienced, but also the most stress. From struggling with breastfeeding and sleep; to worrying about screen time, discipline, and nutrition; to stressing about...

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