Gretchen Pierce

Gretchen is a former communications manager turned stay-at-home mom to son Shepherd (Dec. 2016) and daughter Rosemary (Oct. 2019). She grew up in Minnesota and the D.C. area but is so happy to call Austin home, even in the summer. Gretchen and husband Ryan also have two high-maintenance fur babies, Hank and Gracie. She is a wannabe minimalist who enjoys tennis, creative projects, lake time, and spending time outdoors with her kids as much as possible.

Where to Play Mini-Golf in Austin

Mini-golf in Austin is truly a great activity for the whole family. Even the youngest kids can have fun chasing balls around and marveling at the various obstacles, while the grown-ups can unleash their...

When Mama Has the Back-to-School Blues

My son’s entrance into kindergarten has loomed large in my head for the past couple of years. But I always swatted away any negative thoughts by telling myself that his first day was far...

Parents, Let Your Kids Go Barefoot!

My kids are always barefoot at the playground (and pretty much whenever they are outdoors). Sometimes another child notices their feet and tries to take their own shoes off, too. Their mom or dad usually...

Splash Pads in South and Central Austin

Ahh, summer in Texas. Whether’s it’s 8 a.m. or 8 p.m., it’s brutal out there. My 2-year-old went outside with a freezer pop and had a meltdown because it instantly, well, melted down. I...

Date Night in Austin: 33 Out-of-the-Box Ideas

For a lot of us parents, date night doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. So when it comes along, it can be fun to step outside the box and go beyond your typical...

The Many, Messy Contradictions of Motherhood

“Will you carry me up?” asks my son. It’s bedtime, the end of a particularly exhausting day. A day where my time was not my own, my body barely my own. I feel like I’ve...

South Austin Spring Break Guide

If you’re spending spring break here in Austin, the place to be is south of the river. As a South Austin resident, I’m biased, but I think this area combines the best of everything...

Day Trips from Austin to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday

Birthday parties are fun; chaotic; and exhausting. For my son’s fifth birthday, we threw our first “real,” non-family party with six of his friends at a mini-golf course. So much planning and purchasing went into...

18 Places to Volunteer with Kids in Austin

18 Places to Volunteer with Kids in Austin | Volunteering and giving back to the community is something I want to model for my children, starting at a young age. Volunteering together is the...
Holiday Events Austin

15 Holiday Events in Austin

15 Holiday Events in Austin | We may not have snowy white winters or cozy fireplace weather during Austin’s holiday season, but that doesn’t stop us from having festive traditions. There are so many...