Ilyse Kaplan


Raising a Chrismukkah Kid as a Hanukkah Mom

The holidays are a time of magic. Being stuck inside a warm house with family, watching movies about magic and family as lights twinkle down the block feels like holiday time to me. I...
adjusting to motherhood

When Momming Got Fun {Adjusting to Motherhood}

Becoming a mom changed me in ways I never could have imagined. Seriously, I had no idea that during gestation, your brain physically changes to prepare for motherhood. We make space for the new...
terrible twos

Stop Calling it The Terrible Twos

Toddlerhood is tough, there's no question about it. Our children are finally able to verbalize what they want and need, they're able to get around and explore. As parents, we are figuring out how...
mama hustle

That Mama Hustle

Before my daughter was born, I imagined how my life might look. I pictured us laying together in the grass, cloud watching. I imagined myself reading her a book each night before bed. The...
ACL with kids

The Hip Mom’s Guide to ACL With Kids

Five years ago, I was attending Austin City Limits with a friend. As we sipped our beers, he noticed an ex-girlfriend who was in the VIP section with her toddler. As we stood there...

tuneBugz! Free Demo Week

  I never thought I would get so excited to sing a song with the lyrics "roll that little ball round the room." Two years ago, it would have been a song that made my...
moms and mental health

Mothers and Mental Health

Moms are expected to be strong and together. We are expected to put the needs of our children first, often forgetting or ignoring our own. Even on the hardest days, we are supposed to...

I’m a Socially Awkward Mom

I'm the mom at the playground who smiles when you smile at me. I follow my toddler around, talking to her, trying to look consumed by motherhood. I push my daughter on the swing...
we don't yell

We Don’t Yell (Often)

Growing up in my house we called it "raising our voice," in my husband's house they called it "yell talking," but in our own home, we "gently redirect." At two, it feels easy to follow this...
parenting podcasts

Parenting Podcasts to Get You Through

Parenting is hard. The good news is, we're not alone. Other people have tough times and cry about it, we can also laugh about the tough times of the past. Pre-baby I was all...