Ilyse Kaplan

Ilyse Kaplan
13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why: Our Kids are Watching and So Are We

Despite the many trigger warnings I saw on Facebook, when I found out the subject matter of "13 Reasons Why," there was no getting around watching it. I work with adolescents as a mental health...
Austin mom

You Might be an Austin Mom If…

Austin -- a city full of music, the beauty of nature, minimal hustle but a lot of bustle, and kids -- lots and lots of kids. For Austin moms, we raise them outdoors, in...

Your Token Mom Friend

Out of all my friends, I was probably the last one you would expect to be the first mom in the group. I was the free spirited friend trying to figure out what the...

The Hip Mom’s Guide to SXSW

It feels like just yesterday I was galavanting around Austin, watching bands I had actually heard of, in an outfit I felt cool in, and staying out past 11 PM. With the birth of...

When It Gets Too Quiet

When you were born, I worried when it got too quiet. Though you slept beside me in your bassinet, sometimes in my bed, I looked over at you again and again making sure I...

Toy Storage: Organizing the Attack of the Never Ending Toys

I'll start this post by saying we are so fortunate to have people who love our kiddo so much they want to buy her all the toys. Seriously, we know how lucky we are....

Surviving Tantrums and Terrors Through Mindful Parenting

When I found out I was pregnant two weeks after I was accepted to graduate school, I wasn't sure I should accept my spot. I wondered how I would figure out this mom stuff...
natural birth

I (Kind of) Loved My Natural Birth

From the time I found out I was pregnant, I planned to enter  the hospital yelling "give me all the drugs!" I was the first of my friends to have a baby so my vision...

How to Survive the Holidays With Relatives

Ah, it's finally cold in Texas (72 degrees). Time to break out your parka and scarf, light your fireplace, and wear fleece pajamas. Soon, the sound of laughter will fill your home as the...

The Worst Parenting Advice I Ever Recieved

When you have a large belly protruding from a loose maxi dress and are waiting in line to purchase a large sandwich, other patrons often assume you're pregnant. "When are you due?" they ask...