Jaki Milakovic

Jaki was a mom working in the HR field turned to stay at home mom for two years, turned back to working mom, back to stay at home mom. (Whew!) She now spends her days trying to be the best mother to her daughters, Madi (4/2017) and Gwen (5/2019), while squeezing in relationship time with her husband, Zane. Their 3 rescued pups complete the crazy family. Together they live right on the border of Austin & Pflugerville. She loves Harry Potter, sci-fi, hiking, reading, being a vegan foodie, traveling, learning more about the HR field, figuring out how to homeschool the Montessori way, and writing about her adventures. Check out her blog at https://medium.com/nerdy-together

5 Tips For A Zero-Waste Summer

5 Tips For A Zero-Waste Summer It's summer! For most families this means trips to the beach, camping, exploring a new city, or enjoying a stay-cation. No matter what adventure awaits you and your family...

Local Austin Ice Cream Shops

Our Austin summer is in full swing! This means sunblock, shorts, and ice cream! While there are many places for you to enjoy ice cream with your family we wanted to highlight some local...
Happy Father's Day

The Dad Lottery

My daughter, Madi, lucked out when it came to the dad lottery. Her dad, Zane, loved and cared for her even before she was born. He worked hard to ensure that I had everything...
how many kids

Deciding How Many Kids is Your Perfect Number

I’m going to be honest. There is no secret formula or quiz that will give you the correct number of kids you should have. I can share with you the reasons that we're using to...

Little One Please Take a Nap Already

Your little belly is full of food, you've been given water, the lights in the living room have been dimmed. There is white noise playing and I've sung "You are my sunshine" 100 times...
Excited to Stop Breastfeeding

Reasons Why I’m Excited to Stop Breastfeeding

After the pregnancy test confirmed my suspicions there were so many decisions I needed to make. When do I tell my husband? Should I get a doula? What type of birthing classes did I...
Me Time

I Need “Me” Time But It’s All “Us” Time

When I became a wife I knew that life was going to be different. There was going to be an opinion that might not agree with what I want to do. Discussions with another...
Jaki Milakovic

New Contributor Jaki Milakovic

Hello! The name's Jaki Milakovic and I'm a new mom to my beautiful daughter, Madison, who we call Madi. After 5 years of trying to conceive, she graced us with her presence in April of 2017.  Until...