Jamie is a passionate lady, wife and Mama to Violet, Roman and Vivienne, who is constantly seeking out joy and beauty in the chaos of everyday life. She enjoys cooking, singing, writing, art, travel, people, playing with her children and eating her way around Austin.

All Things Kentucky Derby: Where to Watch in Austin & How to Host a...

Raise your hand if you’re hosting your first Kentucky Derby party this year: Here! Here! As someone who loves to attend and host a good party I’ve spent what little free time I’ve had...

For The Love Of Gardening

Happy National Gardening Day! Whether you have a green thumb or have never been able to keep a plant alive, this article is for you. I definitely do not have a green thumb, but...

Tried And True Bedtime Routine

Tried And True Bedtime Routine If there’s anything I’ve learned since becoming a parent, it’s that children thrive with structure. They want to know what’s happening when and what to expect. I know I’m not the...

Healthier Holiday Cookies

Healthier Holiday Cookies Halloween 2018 at the Rosenthal house should be re-named Sugar Apocalypse 2018 due to the terrifying aftermath of our 2 ½ year old consuming 4-5 mini candies from his trick or treat...

My Love Hate Relationship With Preschool

My Love Hate Relationship With Preschool A little over a year ago I stopped working full time. This was partially my choice and partially due to the fact I had been laid off and my...

Be Brave Little One

Be Brave Little One When I became a mother four years ago the thought of navigating complex life lessons with my daughter seemed a lifetime away. Surely the most we’d be handling before elementary school...
parents night out

Austin Area Parents Night Outs

Have you ever found yourself searching aimlessly for a babysitter at the last minute with no luck or been following a strict budget that doesn't allow for dinner and the high price of childcare?...

What to Make with an Overabundance of Strawberries

When spring rolls around in Austin and temperatures begin to rise, most of us cannot wait to get outside and enjoy the bounty of warm weather activities this city has to offer. For some...
potty training a boy

Musings On the Daunting Task of Potty Training a Boy

Once upon a time, two years ago to be exact, I took a few days off and potty trained my daughter. She was 26 months old and I was 7 months pregnant. I knew...
Easter baskets

Simple & Spring Themed Easter Basket Ideas

When Easter falls, I can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed. I mean, we live in a world that bounces from one Hallmark holiday to the next. As the ball is dropping on New...