Jami Stigliano

Former music biz New Yorker, now Austinite entrepreneur (don’t worry, I was raised in Texas before I did time in the Big Apple!) Got a late start to parenthood (after 40), but now obsessed with my two daughters (under 3!) Evan and Josie. Enneagram 8, wing 7. Follow me @jamistig on Instagram or let your hair down with with me and my team over at @divadancehq

Wear the Swimsuit, Mama

If you’re a mom and you have a body (so all of us), chances are you are not quite as happy in your body as maybe you once were.  Our little ones have given...

10 Questions to Ask Your Babysitter Before Hiring Them

If you’re reading this, it means you’re either about to have some time away from your kids or you know you need to! Either way, your brain may be spinning or your anxiety starting...

(A Fresh) Spring Cleaning Checklist

Just search “Spring Cleaning Checklist” and you’ll find plenty of comprehensive checklists from people who love to slide on those yellow rubber gloves and do some dirty work. I am not those people. I...

Woman-Owned Small Businesses in Austin

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you likely celebrate women every day, not just during the month of March. As the (female) Founder of my own small(ish) business, I’m in the business...

Start Small: 5 Obtainable Ways to Level Up

Alexa, play “Level Up” by Ciara... Now that you’re having a one-woman dance party in your house (or at your desk), it’s time to take the R&B queen’s advice. Here I’ll count down from...

Meet Jami Stigliano | Austin Moms 2022 Contributor

I'm Jami Stigliano. It’s kind of ironic that this blog is intended to be an “About Me” because prior to becoming a mother at 41, I spent my 20s and 30s focusing pretty much...