Jen Glatz

Jen Glatz
not a snuggler

I Am Not A Snuggler

“Mommy, will you snuggle me for 5 more minutes?”  I rest my head against his doorframe and breathe a deep sigh, trying to hide the impatience I feel inside. I almost made it out...
sensitive child

My Sensitive Child

My dear, sensitive first born.  You came into this world a red, screaming, angry ball of fire. I should have known based on those first few hours that you would be my sensitive child. The...

Best {Texas} Vacations With Kids

Traveling is one of the best ways to make memories with kids. Everyone is more relaxed while shirking schedules and responsibilities. We explore and adventure together outside of our daily routines and walls. Some...
time with my kids

What I *Really* Want for Mother’s Day: More Time With My Kids

Dear Husband and Sons, Mother’s Day is around the corner and I know you (Husband) feel the pressure to fulfill expectations levied on you by both, Old Me and society. Mother's Day is one of...
The First Year of Motherhood

25 Things That Got Me Through the First Year of Motherhood

Motherhood is amazing and beautiful and rewarding...some of the time.  Other times, it’s sticky, smelly, loud, lonely, and exhausting.  That first year after becoming a mom was the hardest year I have ever experienced....
No Family Lives Nearby

Life on the {Proverbial} Island: When No Family Lives Nearby

It’s another day and another round of sickness in our household. Two weeks ago we passed around a cold between the four of us, and now we are sharing a stomach bug. It started...

Meet Jen Glatz

Hi mommas! I’m Jen – wife to a man I genuinely admire (Adam), mom to two crazy little men, Nickolas (4) and Lucas (1), lover of coffee and wine, avid reader, writer, and gigantic...