Jenna Zielbauer


Let’s Be Serious, It’s A Trip With Kids Not A Vacation

My husband and I recently had some friends visit us here in Austin from back “home,” Chicago. We were all sitting outside one evening, them drinking, me slightly-to-moderately annoyed I can’t also drink, when...
toddler pacifier

My 2.5-Year-Old Loves Her Pacifier

Y'all, my daughter just turned 2.5 and still sucks on a paci, yep she's totally that kid. Fully talking, potty trained, sleeping in a twin bed solo, sucking on a pacifier. I didn't always...
potty training

Tips for Successful Potty Training

My husband and I are currently in the trenches of potty training (3-day method) so while all of this "yay! you peed in the potty!" stuff is still very fresh in my mind, I...
Chose To Formula Feed

Why I Chose To Formula Feed

Ok friends, here we go. The big breast - well in my case now very small - debate. I actually don’t want to debate any of you, I am on 4 hours of sleep...
strict bedtime

Why I’m Strict About Bedtime

When my husband and I decided to become parents we had several discussions about the kind of parents we would become. You know, would we be the cool, laid back parents, the super strict...
best baby products

10 New Must-Have Baby Products

A couple of weeks ago I did what any determined and motivated mompreneuer would do in a moment of desperation (aka no reliable babysitters): I schlepped my two year old daughter and invention with...
new baby help

Top 20 New Baby Hacks You Need To Know

Listen. I’m not about to pretend like I’m some expert at parenting because let’s be serious - with only one little one who just turned two, how can I be? But one area where...
fatherhood means to me

What Fatherhood Means To Me

  This post started as an abbreviated bio. Hi, my name is Patrick. I got into the brokerage business right out of school. Made and lost a bunch of money. Set goals. Decided to be...
flight with young kids

Surviving A Flight With Littles

Let me start out by saying: While I think I am a pretty strong mom who for the most part (keyword *most*) has it all together, I am a wimpy-ass flier. I grip to...

Must-Have Teethers Every Baby Needs

I always say babies are so cute and cuddly...and then they start teething. They go from cute to absolutely terrifying in what feels like a matter of seconds. There were very few times in...