Jenny Dombroski

Jenny Dombroski
Jenny Dombroski lives and loves in Georgetown with her husband, Justin, and two crazy kids, Amelia and Sam. Her days are spent running her kids in two different directions, working on incorporating a little more sarcasm in her days and trying new classes at the gym. She believes in learning and experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly that life has to offer with as much grace as Jesus can give her.

I am Thankful for What my Son with Autism Has Taught Me

Through a blur of frustration and tears, I complained to my mom about all the therapy my son was doing. The therapy we have been doing since he was 18 months old. I am...
Social Media

Filters, Social Media & Mental Health

Every year for Christmas, my daughter and I flip through Snapchat filters to send some holiday cheer to relatives via social media. Sometimes we look like reindeer or elves, but all the time we...

Ways to Help Your Tween in a New School Year

Dear Tween, your 10th birthday is next week. You’re fierce and you’re worthy. You’re chosen. You’re loved. And, I am excited to see what you do next! As you go down this rocky and awkward...

Transitioning From Homeschool to Public School Post-Pandemic and On the Spectrum

With school peering around the corner, it’s about that time I begrudgingly pick up my school anxiety. It’s different than regular anxiety because it’s solely based on hyper focusing on school at a rapid...
Pandemic Summer

Pandemic Summer- why we need a summer of “yes” more than ever

The last year changed so many lives, altered the way we do basic things and separated us from our friends and family in some capacity. It was challenging for adults and kids alike, many...

Fixing up & Fessing Up: Confessions of an Airbnb beginner

Hello from Sweatpants City! Population me and, I guess, now you too! Here we have our hair in top knots, paint covered clothes, frustration and exhilaration carved into our faces (interesting to look at...

So, what if my dream isn’t for my son to go to college?

It’s their education too! Lessons from the school yard to accepting college isn’t for everyone. When I was pregnant (seemingly a million years ago, hi, I’m a dinosaur). I read books about everything. If you...

Separate But Equal Isn’t a Thing | Having a Child on the Spectrum

What’s one of the hardest things about having a child on the spectrum? I tear up at this question every time. The deep and heated anger wells up in the pit of my stomach....

Confidence Matters – Raising a strong son on the spectrum

“Mom! Those boys keep calling Sam a baby. They said he talks like one.” My daughter is running up to me in tears shouting this from the roof tops. I go to meet her...
Educational Model

Coronavirus Highlights the Need for Educational Model Update

How Coronavirus Highlights the Need for Educational Model Update Coronavirus virus is still in big swing here at home. It’s demands that life change as we know it are exhausting and mentally draining. Informational shifts...