Jenny Dombroski

Jenny Dombroski lives and loves in Georgetown with her husband, Justin, and two crazy kids, Amelia and Sam. Her days are spent running her kids in two different directions, working on incorporating a little more sarcasm in her days and trying new classes at the gym. She believes in learning and experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly that life has to offer with as much grace as Jesus can give her.

Autism Awareness: Actions Speak

Autism Awareness: Actions Speak When a family steps into the ring with autism, it packs a mighty punch. You fall quickly and all at once into a new world. Everything else melts away into a...

Sudden Change: A Guide To Help Your Child With Autism Cope With Covid-19

We entered spring break this week knowing that there is the possibility of a school closure looming over us. I can feel the Jaws theme music playing in the background. My stress level rising...

504 vs. Special Education: What You Need To Know

When we got our son’s autism diagnosis, I was unsure of what to expect going into our first ARD meeting. ARD stands for admission, review and dismissal and determines your child’s eligibility for services...

Profound Impacts: 4 Ways To Show Love To Special Needs Friends And Their Families

Love and friendship are the greatest gifts we can ever give someone. Little bits of our hearts, talent and care physically manifested into these acts.  When we found out that our son has autism, I wondered...

Meet Jenny Dombroski :: the Volleyball Coach + Autism Mama by Heart

Growing up in Austin and its surrounding suburbs most of my life taught me more than I ever learned in any classroom.  My upbringing taught me to help where you can and when you...