Jessica Cherry

Jessica Cherry is an award winning lifestyle writer and founder of Life of a Cherry Wife. She is the winner of the 2021 Austin Business Woman’s Blogger of the Year Award, has been a repeat guest on the CW Network’s “The Connect Show”, featured as a “Change Maker” for Voyage Magazine, featured in Latina Connection Magazine, a Contributing Writer for Austin Mom’s Blog and has made guest appearances on other parenting platforms and shows. Follow Jessica Cherry on her social media at @lifeofacherrywife

Father’s Day without a Father

Father's Day without a Father can be hard. It has always made me cringe. It is a day I never have truly celebrated, and until recently, I never even talked about it either. I was...

20 Things to Give Up For Lent

For those who celebrate, Lent is here. For everyone else, what exactly is Lent? Lent is 40 consecutive days beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Holy Thursday. This year, it starts from Wed. Feb....

Beat the Heat at Home

July is here in Austin, Texas and it is HOT! We just finished Austin’s hottest June ever on record and it looks to be like a similar situation for July. As much as fun...

Mamas and Mental Health Awareness Month

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. A quick Google search will show you that millions of Americans suffer with mental health issues. Of those people, a large majority of those affected are mothers....

Tips for Choosing a Family Pet

The family pet has been a staple of many memories as far back as we can remember. For many of us, we can recall a dear family pet growing up. Some of us dressed...

Simple Ways to Spread Love Everyday

Love is such a wonderful feeling when received and even more important to learn how to give it. Many kids have been hearing “I love you” from significant people in their lives, but how...

The Ten Year Challenge: I’m Not Where I Thought I’d Be, and That’s OK!

Ten year challenges. We see them all the time as we scroll on our social media feed. But let’s go deeper than the surface picture comparisons of circa 2012 and now. Are you where...

Teaching Kids the Value of Compliments

A sincere compliment from someone really can change your mood. Sincere, kind words can make the receiver feel appreciated, valued, and give them a feeling of happiness. RELATED READING :: 6 Tips for Teaching Kids...
Mixed Race Household

Raising Children in a Mixed Race Household

Raising Children in a Mixed Race Household | Children are such little sponges. They pick up on everything and copy what us adults and their peers do. What happens when we mix cultures, races, ethnicities,...

The Definition of Success: What’s Your Personal Definition?

If you ask 100 people to define success, you will get 100 different answers. Everyone has their own definition of success, and everyone measures it differently. Defining Success If you look up the actual definition of...