Jessica Kilbane

Jessica Kilbane
Jess is a fitness-loving, coffee-chugging, free spirit who hails from the great state of Ohio. She isn’t sure what “free time” is, but if you ever find some, she’ll probably find a way to fill it. She’s wife to Kyle and mama to McKenna (4) and Owen (2). Her favorite ways to multitask include: training strong moms at FIT4MOM Austin, juggling social media management and teaching special ed, running, reading the first half of parenting books, and drinking lots and lots of red wine. You can find her over at her blog, Playdates and Prosecco, or on Instagram.

Nap Time, No Equipment Workout

Nap Time, No Equipment Workout Between (what seems like) never-ending sicknesses and classic Austin winter weather (aka unpredictability), it seems like we've been spending more time than usual at home. And as much as I...

Keeping Littles Busy On Bad Weather Days

Keeping Littles Busy On Bad Weather Days Anyone else get stir-crazy REAL quick when the weather changes? We're not homebodies; we are typically out of the house from breakfast until lunch daily. When we take...

Insta-worthy Austin Mural Guide

Insta-Worthy Austin Mural Guide One of my most favorite things about living in Austin? The artsy, counter-culture vibe. We have this incredible opportunity to teach our kids that weird is okay, that different is good,...

First I’m ME, Then I’m Mama

First I'm ME, Then I'm Mama   Listen, I eat, sleep, and breathe #momlife. I’m all Mama, all day, everyday. But let’s get one thing straight, before there was “mama”, there was me... and I’m not...
Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week: the Simpler, the Better

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7-11, 2018 I was a public-school teacher for five years before deciding to take a break from the classroom and stay home with my littles. I taught everything from special...
day trips

5 Day Trips Sure to Make Your Spring Break a Hit

You don’t have to spend your Spring Break shelling out thousands of dollars or jet-setting across the nation to create incredible memories with the fam (but if you’re into that jet-setting life, more power...
kid is shy

My Kid Is Shy — and I’m Not Sorry

Isn’t it crazy how our kids can be spitting images of our former selves and unequivocally themselves all at once? I’m reminded of this fact time and time again when I look at my...

My Kids Are Serial Snackers

I recently read somewhere that the things that drive us most crazy about our kids now will be the things we most value in them as adults. While this may be true in many...
embrace the chaos

Embracing Toy Chaos

So, you know how there’s all those moms on the internet talking about how they only “live in the now” and how their houses are messy because they’re “making memories” and blah, blah, blah?...
husband changed

Dear Husband, We’ve Changed…

Dear Husband, I’ve been struggling with how to say this for a while now. For the longest time, I was afraid that if if I put it all down in writing then I would have...