Jessica Kilbane

Jessica Kilbane
Jess is a fitness-loving, coffee-chugging, free spirit who hails from the great state of Ohio. She isn’t sure what “free time” is, but if you ever find some, she’ll probably find a way to fill it. She’s wife to Kyle and mama to McKenna (4) and Owen (2). Her favorite ways to multitask include: training strong moms at FIT4MOM Austin, juggling social media management and teaching special ed, running, reading the first half of parenting books, and drinking lots and lots of red wine. You can find her over at her blog, Playdates and Prosecco, or on Instagram.
mom self-doubt

Hey Mama, You’re Doing a Good Job

“Why aren’t there more hours in the day?” “Clean clothes, washed hair, AND makeup… at the park. Really? WHEN did she have time?” “Where IS my makeup, anyway?” “How is her house so clean? Do they even...
family parenting books

Parenting Books You Didn’t Know You Needed

Have you ever googled “how to change a diaper?" Wondered why your seemingly sweet as pie toddler suddenly turned into a tiny tyrant? Considered yourself “well-rested” after a cool four and a half hours...
another child

Should We Have Another Child?

You know what’s frustrating? When someone asks you a question, but doesn’t seem satisfied if you don’t give them the answer they were looking for, or if you answer with “I’m not sure.” But...
prepping for a second baby

Prepping Your Little One for Baby #2

As parents, I think we tend to stress about every.single.thing. being perfect. Like, all the time. For some things, it's totally irrational (i.e. my kiddo's first birthday party, which they surely wont remember). For...

Hat Creek Burger Now Open at the Domain

PSA: If you live in the Austin area, have kids, enjoy good vibes, and have tastebuds, you need to get to Hat Creek Burger now open at the Domain. It’s no secret that we like...
healthy eating on a budget

Healthy Eating on a Budget

It seems like everyone is jumping on the “clean eating” bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s AWESOME that so many people are working towards a healthier lifestyle. On first thought, it seems...
spring flower pots

DIY: Spring Flower Pots

  Spring. In our house that means: being outside from sun up to sun down, crafting, kinda sorta spring cleaning, and pretending to know how to garden. This year, I decided to go next-level and...
kid-free vacation

Why You Can and SHOULD Take a Kid-Free Vacation

The last kid-free vacation my husband I had was just about six years ago. Seriously, we didn't even really take a honeymoon (read: young and poor). And since our kiddos were born, we've never spent...

Meet Jessica Kilbane

Describe yourself in three words: "Just. Winging. It." I’m Jess. A nature-loving, free-spirited, hippie-wannabe trying to survive out here in the ‘burbs. I daydream of days when I can sit on my back porch, watching...