Kaitlyn Ovenstone

Kaitlyn is a Native Austinite that loves exploring the ATX and surrounding areas with her Hubby: Jeff, and their 4 children: Kinsley, Jay, Kallie, and Kylan. For over a decade Kaitlyn has specialized in all lines of Commercial Insurance. She enjoys helping business owners understand the Risk they face and the coverages available for their protection. She has also helped thousands of families protect their home, cars and everything else in between. As a work from home Mom herself, she survives the chaos with Mocha Frappuccinos and finds her strength through Jesus. She hopes to inspire others by sharing some of the trials and tribulations she has walked through. Follow her journey and explore the good ole’ ATX with her on instagram @goaustinite!

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

From the delicious food to the time spent with loved ones, Thanksgiving is easily one of our favorite holidays. Even though it’s fun, there are still several risks associated and things to be aware...

Our Little Angels Matter Too: Pregnancy Loss Awareness

(Trigger Warning: Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage/Pregnancy After Miscarriage)  Pregnancy loss is sensitive and it’s full of pain, and heartbreak but that doesn’t mean that it should be a taboo subject that we must keep to ourselves. Just...

Survival Tips: Working from Home with your Littles

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Cousins are Your First Friends

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The Formula Shortage: Resources and How You Can Help Mamas in Need

As a parent or caregiver, we have a long list of rewards and challenges. One of the challenges I never thought I'd face as a Mom, is not having access to find my baby's...

Meet Kaitlyn Ovenstone | Austin Moms 2022 Contributor

Hey There, I’m Kaitlyn Ovenstone a Native Austinite, wifey, and Mom to 4 (3 perfect princesses + 1 Mama’s Boy). Born in the Heart of downtown ATX, I’ve been an avid Longhorn fan my...