Kamisha York

Hey yall!! I’m Kamisha York (called Misha for short). I was born in Georgia but raised in Texas, married to my husband Wesley and mom to my three beautiful children Jayden (19), Wesley Jr. (16), and Peyton (13). I am the Executive Director of Peyton’s Allergy Shield of Hope, a 501 (c) (3) that my husband and I started in honor of our 13-year-old daughter to advocate and educate for those living with food allergies. On any given day you will find me volunteering at my daughters’ middle school as the Athletics Booster Club President or racing to watching my two sons on the football field or basketball court at their high school. In my free time I love to listen to audible books, bake, and blog about how my husband and I navigate our crazy life with 3 kids and navigating our lives to accommodate our daughters multiple food allergies at www.foodallergyjourney.com.

May Is Food Allergy Awareness Month

The month of May is when we kick off Food Allergy Awareness Month!  This topic is so important to my family. My fourteen-year-old daughter Peyton was diagnosed at the age of three with multiple...

World Teen Mental Health Day

We acknowledge March 2, 2022, as World Teen Mental Health Day where we bring awareness to the mental health issues that our teenagers may be facing, a day to give teenagers a safe space...

Workout Options For A Fit 2022

Every year on January 1st many of us chose to make a New Year’s Resolution. The number one resolution made by many of us is to live a healthier lifestyle and jumpstart a workout...

Best Snow Cones In Austin

Best Snow Cones in Austin! With temperatures in Austin reaching mid to upper 90’s, we often treat the kids to snow cones to help cool off from these hot summer days. Austin has grown...
Dad Passed Away

My Dad Passed Away & it Changed Our Lives

January 10th, 2012 started like any other day. I woke up started breakfast for the kids, packed their lunches, and got them out the door and dropped off at school. It was not until...
Comfort Food Recipes

Recipes To Make This Cabin Fever Better

Between the pandemic and now the second ice-pocalypse of 2021, we’re all pretty much stuck inside and experiencing A LOT of cabin fever! And coming up with new recipes that keep the family filled...
White Privilege

How To Talk To Your Child About White Privilege/Privilege

As a parent of a black or brown child, the conversation of racism is a must that we will have to have at a young age with our children regardless of how uncomfortable it...

Teal Pumpkin Project – Examples of Great Non-Food Options

Celebrating the holidays is one of my most favorite things to do with my children, especially Halloween!! Each year the kids and I would make Halloween themed cupcakes, I would make queso, hot wings,...

Are You Raising Entitled Children

Are you raising an entitled child? I asked myself this question, and the first answer that comes to mind is NO!!! I come from a family of five (three sisters, mom and dad), my father...

Dear White People

Dear White People, I ask myself in silence when is this going to stop....is this going to stop? When did this become the new normal? When is white privilege going to stop? George Floyd...