Katie Schmid

Teaching GRACE vs GOSSIP

What makes people do the things they do? Say the things they say? Act the way they act? What motivates people to be unkind? To spread hate? And can we stop it? Please? Can...

If I Could Do It All Over Again …

If I could do it all over again … … I wouldn’t go to a cheap place for a Brazilian wax. …I wouldn’t eat an entire sleeve of thin mints in one sitting and claim it...

Valentine’s Mini Sessions

Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions with Katie Starr Photography and Austin Moms Blog! Clients are often worried when they hear that a mini session is only 10 minutes long! But never fear — 10 minutes is plenty...

Travel Far Enough, You Meet Yourself.

Oh, hello there.  Miss me?  It's been quite some time since I've written for Austin Moms Blog -- so long that many new readers won't have a clue as to who I am and...
Austin Moms Blog | The Dissolution of My Marriage

Helping a Friend Through Divorce

I've encountered so many interesting things during the process of the dissolution of my marriage. (I'm sick of the word divorce).   But one of the main ones is the serious lack of tact...
Austin Moms Blog | Single Moms During Valentine's

A Single Mom’s Perspective on Valentine’s Day

I've been sitting here doing research on the origin on Valentine's Day. And then I went down a rabbit hole on wikipedia that took me to what Valentine's Day looks like in other countries,...
Austin Moms Blog | Divorce and Holidays

Divorce & Holidays: “Sharing” the Kids

I wanted to wait to write today's post until this moment... The moment when I'm alone in my home without my children.  It's quiet.  Too quiet.  I'm lonely and sad.  I literally sat for two...

Teaching Our Children to be Thankful

"Everyday may not be good, but there is good in everyday!" Sometimes it's the simple thoughts that can dictate our lives. And those simple thoughts can translate into what we teach our children each...

When Facing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is run-a-muck in my family. And I mean -- it feels like every.single.person has had it. It's one of my biggest fears (well, that and ovarian cancer and dying in a fiery...

Life During A Divorce: One Mom’s Journey

After I aired my dirty laundry to all of Austin Moms Blog readers -- a huuuuuuuge outpouring of support came in -- from women who are miserable in their marriages and wondering how I...