The Best Places To Donate Kids Items (That Do The Most Good)

With back to school, the early fall can be a great time to round up the kids and go through the items in their bedrooms and play rooms that are no longer providing value....

5 Of The Coolest Play Gyms For Your Active Infant

5 Of The Coolest Play Gyms For Your Active Infant Here’s the thing about a new baby - no matter if it’s your first, second, or sixth - it can be hard not to shop...

Top Places In Austin To Adopt A Pet

Top Places In Austin To Adopt A Pet Adopting a pet can be an incredible experience for the whole family. Adding a furry (or not so furry!) friend to the mix shouldn’t be a spontaneous...

Easy DIY Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Father’s Day can be a great time to get creative and enlist the kids in a fun crafting activity that results in a stellar gift for Dad. The good news is that there's not...

Awesome Austin Splash Pads You Won’t Want to Miss this Summer

It's once again that glorious time of year, also known as Splash Pad Season! If you've made it through at least one Austin summer - or even early fall - then you know how...
Quick Breakfasts

Easy and Quick Breakfasts for Kids

Even though I consider myself to be a morning person, I still struggle to figure out what to cook/reheat/unpackage for breakfast each day. Right now my go-to's are usually convenient, not super creative, and...

Should You File Your Own Taxes This Year?

The dreaded yearly filing of the taxes. It is a guarantee must-do and this year the deadline falls on April 17. Somehow, my husband and I - because I’m not taking all the blame...

Trusting Your Mom Gut: Switching Daycares

This is the story of how I learned to listen to my "mom gut" and ended up switching daycares. For the record, the little guy’s health and safety were never in danger and it...

Meet Katie Golde

Hi, Austin Moms! I’m Katie Golde and I live out in Dripping Springs with my growing family. I met my handsome husband, Jon, in high school. We weren't high school sweethearts - that would...