Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor
best haircuts for kids

Best Haircuts for Kids

It's something I know for sure came from my side of the family tree... hair. Lots of it. So, in just over his two little years of life, my son has had plenty of...
Christmas craft

EASY, Fun, DIY Christmas Craft

I'm not crafty. I really, really want to be. I try really hard. I follow directions from other people fairly well, but the truth is I have a hard time coming up with this...
gift of health

Thankful for the Gift of Health

Coming off three twelve-hour shifts in a row always feels exhausting to me. My feet are tired and my mind is mush. The end of three days last month, though, felt different. I couldn't...
childhood cancer

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

I was just a kid… graduated high school and set out for a university over 1,500 miles away in the smack dab middle of Pennsylvania. My brother attended school there and was a couple...
part-time job

No Such Thing as a Part-Time Job

You’ll love part-time!” they said. “You’ll have the best of both worlds!” they said. But, there is a dirty little secret that all part-time job moms know… Nothing is actually part-time. We really are stay-at-home-mom slash...
kids eat free

Where Kids Eat Free Around Austin

Love taking your kiddos out to eat, but hate that they rarely ever finish a meal that you have to pay for? Consider these places where kids EAT FOR FREE if you purchase an...

Best Apps for Kids

Technology... we love it and hate it. It can consume you, but it can also relieve you. So for that reason, we've collected the best apps for kids at every age and stage. Let...
fearless motherhood

Fearless Motherhood

I received a text from a friend this morning: “Yesterday was a very low day for me… I run by this junior high every other day and pass by this hurdle… I decided to try...
National Child Abuse Prevention Month

My Body… My Rules: National Child Abuse Prevention Month

There are few things more important in life than the safety and health of our children. This National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we'd feel it us imperative to discuss the reality of child abuse in...
brunch with the easter bunny in austin

Brunch with the Easter Bunny in Austin

For as long as I can remember, our Easter Sunday was a trip to Church and then a special treat... Fancy Brunch with the Easter Bunny. Luckily for us Ausitines, our laid back city offers...