Kelli Gruen

grandparents day

Here’s To Grandparents Day

Love. Its been on my mind a lot lately. I half way blame that on the crazy hormones running through my 9 month pregnant body, but also my simple, passionate, emotional nature - Its...
becoming a dad

You’re Not The Dad I Thought You’d Be

To my husband,  I like to think we have a love story Shakespeare would envy.    Truth is, we don't. We've had incredible highs and unimaginable lows. We aren't a love story found in a book. We...
not the mom I thought I'd be

I’m Not the Mom I Thought I’d Be

  I used to be such an amazing mom, I really was! I would never allow my kids to watch TV or play with electronics. They would never eat processed or sugary foods. Best of...
moving with kids

A Fun Little Guide To Moving With Kids

Moving with young ones is so much fun! Said no one ever. Ever.   Why does moving have to be so stressful? Throw kiddos in to the mix, and you are talking about a panic inducing,...
Kelli Gruen

Meet Kelli Gruen

Hey there! I'm Kelli Gruen, a freelance graphic designer, proud stationery creator, wife, mama and a recent Austin transplant coming from San Diego. My husband and I packed up our things, grabbed our kiddos, loaded our fur...