Kendra Germenis

Kendra Germenis
Kendra joined the mom club in 2016, followed by the #boymom club in Summer 2019. Kendra loves to write, and for AMB, enjoys sharing her new parent experiences, tips, and general love of Austin. For her, life is a balance of spending quality time with her family, pursuing her program management career, and still soaking up life and adventures. She also freelances through her art and design shop, Kitsy Co. Assorted loves: art, date nights, culture, road trips, Bravo, breweries, chocolate, house remodeling, sunshine, live music and patios.
Parenting, Patience

Parenting, Patience and Priorities

Toys scattered across the floor. Dirty dishes piled in the sink. A load of wet laundry still sitting in the washer. The microwave beeps from the warmed up frozen meal you found for dinner....

More Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day – yet another over-glorified Hallmark holiday. You may roll your eyes at extremely overpriced delivered roses (raising hand) or at the Valentine's cards and candy you're expected to buy for class (do...
thankful for family

Reminding Myself to Be Thankful for Family

Family - blessing and a curse. I literally say "I'm so lucky" so much that I need to find a new caption for Instagram. Really though, I am - we are - and sometimes...
dad friendships

The Importance of Friendships for Dads

My husband came home one day and told me about this podcast he listened to that essentially explained why men (dads) need to have friends and maintain those friendships. Dad friendships can lead to...
mombod excuse

I Don’t Buy the #Mombod Excuse

Ever since the term #dadbod surfaced, #mombod soon followed. Let me tell ya, it sure is nice for us moms to have a term to fall back on when we’re feeling a little extra…...
basic toy stimulation

Basic Toy Stimulation, More Creative Play Inspiration

We officially made it past the first birthday mark, which means we officially have toys, lots of them. I'm not docking toys in general - lord knows even I was getting bored of our...
what to expect in daycare

What to Expect from Your Daycare Journey

There’s a little bit of everything when it comes to daycare. It can be a lifesaver, a game changer, a bank breaker. It can be friendship, fear, and fun. Honestly, it can be whatever...
holiday mom

A Wannabe Holiday Mom

'Tis the season, holiday season, and this year I'm not pregnant, anticipating my first child, sleeping in three-hour increments or learning how to live life with a baby. This year I'm feeling like a...
breast cancer awareness

Lessons in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Today started with the normal routine: wake up, take the kid to daycare, start work, yada yada. Most of my team was out of the office, it was pretty quiet, and I felt like...

From Selfish to #SoMom

Not every girl goes to bed with dreams of rainbows, unicorns and babies. Nope, I legitimately couldn't tell you what baby fever feels like. Of course I wanted kids, one day, my husband too,...