Kendra Germenis

Kendra Germenis
Kendra is new to the mom club as of November 2016 and currently lives by the motto “from selfish to #somom.” She spends a lot of her time reflecting on parenting, learning and having fun while towing along her social little man, Jensen. Kendra is a Marketing Manager by day, focusing in project management and creative services, and runs an art and design shop, Kitsy Co, by night. She loves exploring Austin and the surrounding areas, date nights with her husband, Jeff, visiting with friends and family, travelling, foodie-ing, house remodeling, live music, patios, you name it.
breast cancer awareness

Lessons in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Today started with the normal routine: wake up, take the kid to daycare, start work, yada yada. Most of my team was out of the office, it was pretty quiet, and I felt like...

From Selfish to #SoMom

Not every girl goes to bed with dreams of rainbows, unicorns and babies. Nope, I legitimately couldn't tell you what baby fever feels like. Of course I wanted kids, one day, my husband too,...
doable birthday parties

40 Doable Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Tugging at my inner child heart strings, I love the idea of birthday parties. I remember slumber parties with my friends, bounce houses, ice skating, a trip to The Magic Time machine, the skating...
rice cereal

Rice Cereal, How I Loathe You

Oh dear rice cereal, how I loathe you. And loathe is putting it nicely. I’m not kidding. Ask my husband how I feel about rice cereal, and he just might laugh out loud. I'm...
happy spitter

Hello to the Happy Spitter Mom Club

Dear happy spitter baby mamas, hang in there. It’s hard. The amount of paper towels in the trash can, clothes in the washer and burp cloths in the drawers is relentless. The endless pools...
exclusive pumping

An Emotional Switch from Nursing to Exclusive Pumping

When it comes to breastfeeding, it’s not always black and white. There’s a little breastfeeding sister called pumping that I don’t think gets enough attention, and I’m not just talking about the working mom...
pumping mom

True Confessions from a Pumping Mom

When you collectively spend weeks of your life pumping breast milk for your child, there are a lot of thoughts and incidences that happen along the way. I actually saw a post the other...
husband to dad

From Husband to Dad, Thank You

I sometimes wonder how I would survive life without my husband. We've been together more than nine years, and I'm fairly certain he takes all my quirks and crazy habits and manages to make...
National Wine Day

Sometimes I Just Want Wine! {National Wine Day}

Happy National Wine Day to all you wine-loving, wine-deserving mamas! I'll admit it. I savor the moments when I can lounge on the couch, turn on some trashy tv (cough, cough, Real Housewives) and drink...
Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, Be All the Mom You Can Be

This Mother’s Day will have an entirely new meaning. This year I’m the mom. And let me tell you moms, much respect, because mommin’ aint easy, that’s for sure. And I’m just starting. Seriously, kudos...

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