Kendra Germenis

Kendra Germenis
Kendra joined the mom club in 2016, followed by the #boymom club in Summer 2019. Kendra loves to write, and for AMB, enjoys sharing her new parent experiences, tips, and general love of Austin. For her, life is a balance of spending quality time with her family, pursuing her program management career, and still soaking up life and adventures. She also freelances through her art and design shop, Kitsy Co. Assorted loves: art, date nights, culture, road trips, Bravo, breweries, chocolate, house remodeling, sunshine, live music and patios.
pumping mom

True Confessions from a Pumping Mom

When you collectively spend weeks of your life pumping breast milk for your child, there are a lot of thoughts and incidences that happen along the way. I actually saw a post the other...
husband to dad

From Husband to Dad, Thank You

I sometimes wonder how I would survive life without my husband. We've been together more than nine years, and I'm fairly certain he takes all my quirks and crazy habits and manages to make...
National Wine Day

Sometimes I Just Want Wine! {National Wine Day}

Happy National Wine Day to all you wine-loving, wine-deserving mamas! I'll admit it. I savor the moments when I can lounge on the couch, turn on some trashy tv (cough, cough, Real Housewives) and drink...
Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, Be All the Mom You Can Be

This Mother’s Day will have an entirely new meaning. This year I’m the mom. And let me tell you moms, much respect, because mommin’ aint easy, that’s for sure. And I’m just starting. Seriously, kudos...
guide to pumping

A New Mom’s Guide to Pumping On-the-Go

Breast pumping on-the-go, even with baby, is life for me. Beach trip? Take the pump. Work trip? Take the pump. Road trip? Take the pump. Day trip? Take the pump. See, I’m an exclusive...
maternity leave

10 Maternity Leave Words of Wisdom

It wasn’t too long ago when I was soaking up the rays of maternity leave with a cocktail in one hand and a perfect baby in the other. Then I woke up. My maternity...
Kendra Germenis

Meet Kendra Germenis

Helllllloooo, everyone. As a brand new mom here, it’s pretty cool to be writing with and for the moms of the coolest city in the world, Austin. I'm Kendra Germenis. I love this town. Don’t you?...