Kendra Young

Kendra Young

‘No Gifts, Please’: Party Buzzkill or Good Manners?

I vividly remember my third-grade best friend Ashley asking me if she needed to bring a gift to my birthday party. "Um, well it's a birthday... so yeah," I told her, caught off-guard by...
waking up before my kids

Waking Up Is Hard To Do: A Night Owl’s Struggle With Early Mornings

Every time I see a well-coiffed, neatly dressed mom (meaning she doesn't have a stray Cheerio clinging to her hair or yoga pants), I immediately assume she has woken up long before her young...
Embracing the now

Embracing the Now

It always sounds like a good idea, meeting friends with little ones for a park play date. Every time (and I mean EVERY TIME), I end up on what feels like Suicide Watch for...
Kendra Young

Meet Kendra Young

 Meet Kendra Young For the last 10 years, I've had about 10 different jobs (including, but not limited to, SAT tutor, freelance writer, editorial assistant, marketing director, newspaper editor, high school teacher, children's music teacher,...