Khaki Wakefield


There Is Life After Divorce

There Is Life After Divorce I struggled with writing this blog for several reasons. One, I'm a single mom of four kiddos and life gets busy. Two, I'd start to write it and felt I...

I Hate Alzheimer’s

I Hate Alzheimer's One of the most admirable women I've ever known succumbed to a monster named Alzheimer's disease. I hate it. I get mad when I think about it. I miss her terribly.  Linda, my...

My Thank You Letter To Fortnite

My Thank You Letter To Fortnite Dear Fortnite (no wait, scratch that…) Dearest Fortnite, I wanted to send a quick love letter, oops, I mean... thank you note for your existence. But I wanted to make sure...

Traveling Tips For The Single Mom

Traveling Tips For The Single Mom I just recently flew from Austin, TX to Fort Lauderdale, FL with my four kids. We spent five days on Pompano Beach. It was a wonderful vacation. We did have ...
dad best friend

When Your Dad is Your Best Friend

Growing up, I didn't have the best of childhoods. My parents divorced when I was eleven. It was a contentious divorce and all four of us children were in the middle. My relationship with...

Why I Overpost About My Children On Social Media

You know those people on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter who post their every thought and move? Do people really care what they had for breakfast, lunch, dinner? No, I generally don’t BUT I...

My Mother’s Day Personal Story

Here I sit recollecting on my Mother’s Day memories all 12 years I’ve been a mother and honestly, I feel kind of cringy about it. I’ve had some great Mother’s Days, but I’ve also had...

Meet Khaki Parmentier

Hello! My name is Khaki Parmentier, yes, just like the color and yes, my real birth-given name. Native to Texas and an Austin transplant by way of Amarillo, TX where I was born and...

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