Krista Hager

Krista Hager

No Good Very Bad Day? Be Here Now, Not There!

No good Very Bad Day? Be Here Now, Not There!  I quickly wipe tears away from my swollen eyes as my daughter leaps in for a giant embrace. She is truly the most empathetic creature I...
when you grow up

Who, NOT What, I Want my Children to be When They Grow Up

My daughter is barely three years old and already the undercurrent, “What will you be when you grow up?” seamlessly seeps through our daily air.  As a stay-at-home-mom, I cringe at this question, and...

I was a Crunchy Mama Fraud!

“So what would you like to do with your placenta?” my compassionate Midwife inquired. “Yeah sure I’ll keep that.” I half-heartedly returned. (I heard it was good for you and…stuff…?) “OK then! Where is your ice chest...
toddler cried

50 Very Valid Reasons My Toddler Cried Today

Wow! Let’s talk about toddlers… because I know we don’t talk about them enough ;-)  But just WOW… Personally, I have one verbal toddler and one ‘baby toddler’ that doesn’t talk yet (throws tantrums...
Like a Girl

Like A Girl

One Friday night my husband and I got WAAAY too into a surprisingly intense round of toddler basketball, when we realized we weren’t actually letting our toddler have the ball as our excited spirits...

#Momstrong Stronger Than You Realize

“You are stronger than you realize!”  This “mantra” was exclaimed to me countless times by the well-meaning midwife as I attempted to master what really should be physiologically impossible and push something the size of...
tantrums and wine

‘Tis the Season for Tantrums and Wine!

Christmas season is my FAVORITE time of year!!! I love the obnoxiousness of the sights and sounds, the over indulgence of holiday garb, treats, and eats, the parties, the ugly sweaters, the occasional Texas...

Timeless Gratitude: You’re Welcome!

“Noooo!” tears and screams erupt from my very opinionated two-year-old daughter. “I want the PINK butterfly one!!!!!” I chuckle to myself, “What you meant to say was THANK YOU!” Confused she looks up at me.  In full...
family vacations are vacations

Family Vacations ARE Vacations

What is the first thing you get asked when telling your closest friends about a vacation?  Immediately following, “Where are you going?” It’s usually “Kids. Or no kids?” If no kids, you might often...
believe in magic

Do You Believe in Magic? Your Child Does!

“Wee Wee”  Then... “Ta Da!” Addy proudly exclaims with her “WOW” grin. I glance over precipitously. I mean “Ta Da” can mean a LOT of things in our house. Yesterday it meant a Crayola Picasso...