Krista Hager


Miscarriage: SHHHHH!

“Miscarriage.”  The shock flooded me as my heavy legs fell lifeless onto the cold, hard, impersonal hospital table, blood draining from my white face, I lay still and confused. It was an early miscarriage, insignificant...

I Have FOMO!

My daughter begins her screech laughter while scream/singing. It is one part adorable, one part ear piercing, migraine inducing. And overall, a big fat sign that it is unequivocally NAP TIME! BIG TIME. “No...

Please Stop Trying To Kill Your Brother

  “Addy! For heavens sake child! Please stop trying to KILL YOUR BROTHER!” Yes. These are words I truly did not think that I would hear myself utter out loud EVER. People warned me about a...

Posttraumatic Outings with Tots

It had been an eventful morning. Shoot, it has been an eventful last six months. You see, as a classic extrovert, I tend to go a little stir crazy without human interaction and blab...

Feminist Fears from a SAHM

The other day I finally found a chance to watch the much anticipated movie Hidden Figures.  Complete shock and awe of these featured women filled my hopeful heart, tainted with a glimmer of self...
loss of a child

What Facebook Forgot on Father’s Day…

I sat down and put my fingers to the keyboard to quickly type out my usual “I love my Dad, Father-in-law, Grandfather, and husband” type of Father’s Day Post, accompanied by adorable pictures of...
Father's Day is sexy

Why Father’s Day is Kinda HOT!

I’ve read it. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. Motherhood… with the spit up, lack of sleep, squirting boobs, and toddlers that awaken from their restful slumber at the first utterance of the words…...
Bootcamp post miscarriage

Bootcamp Post Miscarriage: “Yes I can!”

I will never forget the first time I felt utter betrayal by my own body. I was 33 years old, and 7 weeks pregnant with my first child. Being the overly optimistic person that...
day of silence

Why Day of Silence Matters

“Aghghghgh! Mommy Mommy! The lady bug BIT me!” my two-year old hysterically cried. I had to muffle my laughter as she ran to me for a comforting embrace. (And on that note pretty sure ladybugs don’t bite my...
Letting Go During Lent

Letting Go During Lent

Growing up Catholic, Lent held a very sacred place in my family’s traditions. I looked forward to this time of year even at a young age. At the ripe age of 7, I started...