Kristan Braziel

Kristan writes about her counter-intuitive approach at dealing with life’s messy moments. An author & blogger, Kristan writes raw, honest, and humorous "real mom" stories about navigating through all the messy life stuff, including her family’s experience with anxiety & depression. Kristan’s posts will have you nodding in agreement as you think, “thank sweet fancy Moses, it’s not just me.” Kristan and her husband, Mark, live in Liberty Hill with their two sons, Jace (1999) and Cody (2007) and their three weird dogs, including Lilly the Therapy Dog. You can find Kristan at Lilly’s at
Austin Murals

Visit Austin’s Newest Murals | Social Distancing-Friendly Way To Get Fresh Air

Just before spring break, when people’s travel plans started crumbling around them and so many of our area’s beloved events were cancelled because of COVID-19, I wrote a post about a fun last-minute spring-day-in-Austin...

How We Can Still Connect While Social Distancing

Remember when we could get together with our friends for coffee and send our kids to school in the morning and go out for dinner any time we wanted? Ah, the good old days,...

PANDAS: The Illness Behind My Son’s Thoughts Of Suicide

My son is the clown of our family. He was born with the gift of a cheery, optimistic outlook and a funny sense of humor that’s wittier than most kids his age. He’s the...
Meet Kristan Braziel

Meet Kristan Braziel :: Advertising Gal Turned Therapy Dog Lovin Boy Mama

When I was a little girl, my dad would give me writing prompts and send me off to create wild stories about things like, “Why a frog says ‘ribbit,’” or “Why monkeys swing from...