Lauren Wiatrek

Lauren Wiatrek
Lauren Wiatrek is a native Austinite that after moving to New York and Colorado, decided her heart was in the center of Texas. Her husband, Evan helped build their family of daughters in a home they love. After battling stage 3 breast cancer in 2017 Lauren has become a strong voice for wellness, health advocacy, and her faith. Lauren loves to travel every chance she can get. Lauren enjoys extra hot coffee on the porch, her F45 workouts, Young Living lifestyle, being all things as a #girlmom and helping empower women. Lauren started her journey with cancer on her blog you can also follow her on her Instagram: @lauren.wiatrek for motherhood tips and her wellness journey after cancer.

Clogged Milk Duct…or Cancer?

A warning from one young mama battling what she thought was a simple clogged milk duct, turn into her worst nightmare: cancer. She is active to help prevent other mamas from this fight. Twelve months...
first year is the hardest

The First Year is the Hardest…

The first year is the hardest, not sure if any other mamas can relate, but for me the first year was the hardest year of my life. I am a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and attachment...
give up

I Choose To “Give Up”

There are so many things that I still want to accomplish in life; owning more real estate, flipping a house, achieving a higher level of education, investing more time in friends and relationships, traveling...
girl moms

Girl Moms: Pressure For Daughters To Be Perfect

Where are all my girl moms at? Lately it seems that #boymom posts are all the rage. As a proud girl mom of two I scroll through these posts and ask myself how much...
after birth

The Birth Aftermath

After birth, no matter how you birthed, is no joke. As for me, I have had two natural, vaginal births. For a good two weeks you are in a serious recovery stage. For me,...
sleep deprived

Things I Did When I Was Sleep Deprived…

Maybe some of you mamas can relate to the following scenario: you ever so gently lay your baby in their crib at 3:00 a.m. after nursing, you tip-toe to your bed, slide between your...

Meet Lauren Wiatrek

Meet Lauren Wiatrek Hello Austin mamas! I am absolutely giddy to be writing for Austin Moms Blog. I was born and raised right here in fabulous Austin, Texas where I grew up frequenting the chilly waters of Barton...