Leah Gibson

marriage with young kids

Marriage in the Trenches: Thriving with Young Kids

Right now, my kids are seven, five, and three years old. All boys. And they are… loud, messy, sticky. I often refer to our house as a frat house because if I am not...
preschool mom

Which Type of Preschool Mom Are You?

We LOVE our preschool. The diversity of both the children and the parents is what makes the place unique.  Yes, there are several "types" of preschool moms. And each type of preschool mom contributes...
summer stay-at-home mom

Summer Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom

  School officially got out on June 1st. Yesterday I thought to myself, "You know, why DON'T we do year round school in Texas?"  I can FEEL my kids' brains turning to mush. But that's...
chose public school

Why We Chose Public School

Last August, one week before school started, we took a big plunge; we un-enrolled our to-be first grader from the neighborhood public school and dropped $800 for a homeschool curriculum.  Having gone 'round and...

My Kids’ Diet Sucks (And It HAS To Change)

The opposite of Paleo. That's what my kids eat. Bread and cheese. Then they follow it up with a sugar-filled processed granola bar (but it's organic) plus some fruit and a single piece of...

Seven Things I Wish I Could Say To A New Mom

Show of hands? Who wasn't just a little sensitive to advice as a new mom? The general rule is, you can give me advice if I ask for it, but otherwise, please let me...

Room Sharing. To Share or Not To Share?

Hello Mommas! Right now my husband and I are in the thick of trying to decide whether or not our three boys should share a room!  The three of them (1st grade, PreK, and...

Nutrition and Pregnancy: What I Wish I Had Known Before Having Kids

Pretend we are best friends getting coffee together. If I knew you might become pregnant or were struggling postpartum, I'd strongly urge you to supplement your diet with high quality supplements -- before, during,...

My BIGGEST Parenting Regret

Parenting regrets. We all have them. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been in the gig for fifteen years or fifteen months. All of us, looking back, have things we would probably change or do...

Being Okay With the Mom You Are

“YOU ARE FINE. YOU DO YOU. Be okay with who you are, and feel no shame about anything, ever.” This is a message that we moms hear A LOT. It’s the notion that everything...