Lindsey J. Wiese

Lindsey J. Wiese
Hi AMB, I'm Lindsey: Christian. Proud Texan. Wife to Ryan & Mama to Alexandra. I'm a SAHM but never actually "stay-at-home" --we go out everyday in the name of adventure & enrichment...and mama's sanity! Current faves are swimming, music, MOPS & hiking nature trails. When I'm not off traveling, in a barre workout class, or cooking dinner (ready at 6:30 sharp, don't mess with my schedule!), I blog about mom-friendly fashion, beauty products, and my motherhood journey at Blog Joie de Vivre.

Best Wine Bars in Austin

Friday night dates are something my husband and I try to stick with on a weekly basis. We plan for them by lining up regular childcare and booking reservations in advance. If it's on...

The Decision to Ditch Drinking: My Journey Towards a Sober Life

COVID changed the world and it changed something in each of us. How we work, what we deem important, how we treat our bodies and reprioritize what "health" means to our families. One personal,...

4 Simple Ways Toward Better Sleep

It seems like a good night’s sleep is elusive these days. Something that is natural, something we do every day, it escapes us. Why? --Is it rising levels of anxiety? –Too much caffeine? --A...

Pool Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Lather up the children in sunscreen, pack puddlejumper/towels/water bottles, drive to an area watering hole, unload the kids & all their swim accessories, manage to snag a shady spot, and actually enjoy for 20...
Immune system

Natural Immune System Boosters

By now, we've all heard that washing hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask will reduce the spread of COVID-19. But what are we doing to strengthen our 'inner mask'? --The 'mask' we wear...
Non-Candy Valentines

Favorite Non-Candy Valentine’s Gifts

Go down the Valentine's aisle in the grocery store and you will be overwhelmed with the selection of sweets. So. much. candy! When I took my children to pick out their class Valentine's cards,...
Stocking Stuffers for Kids

10 Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids

For the last few years, our family Christmas gifting tradition has been this: open presents from each other on the 23rd, extended family 'white elephant' game on the 24th, and then dive in to...
Best Restaurants for Toddlers in Austin

Best Restaurants in Austin for Toddlers

Ah, dining out with toddlers. --What. an. experience. An undertaking not for the faint of heart. Half the time, I prefer to just avoid it altogether. They're loud, they drop silverware, accidentally spill drinks,...

If silence is consent, what can I say to support #blacklivesmatter?

If silence is consent, what can I say to support #blacklivesmatter? As a white woman who lives in a white upper-class neighborhood, how can I speak from my place of privilege? I’ve struggled with...

Mom’s Guide To CBD

Have you tried CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes from cannabis (yes, marijuana) and it’s definitely having a moment, y’all. Here in Austin, CBD shops are popping up on every corner and CBD empires are being launched....