Lindsey J. Wiese

Lindsey J. Wiese
Hi AMB, I'm Lindsey: Christian. Proud Texan. Wife to Ryan & Mama to Alexandra. I'm a SAHM but never actually "stay-at-home" --we go out everyday in the name of adventure & enrichment...and mama's sanity! Current faves are swimming, music, MOPS & hiking nature trails. When I'm not off traveling, in a barre workout class, or cooking dinner (ready at 6:30 sharp, don't mess with my schedule!), I blog about mom-friendly fashion, beauty products, and my motherhood journey at Blog Joie de Vivre.

Moms Guide to Collagen

Collagen seems to be a buzzword in the beauty, health, & exercise industries: collagen as an ingredient in face creams, products that promise to plump your collagen, collagen that you eat, collagen that you...

Best Grocery Stores in Austin

There is a lot to brag about when it comes to Austin: the tacos, the live music, the beauty of the Texas Hill Country, the overall lifestyle, and more. Looking at our restaurant scene,...

A Busy Mom’s Lunchbox Ideas

If you are the "#extra" type that makes Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes on weekday mornings, this post may not be for you. I'm that "Grab a breakfast bar on your way out the door!" kind of...

Best Spots For A Stress-Free Kid’s Haircut

Getting your baby's hair cut for the first time is a huge milestone. I got all misty-eyed as it was happening because my little boy suddenly looked so much older without his babyish locks!...

All About Vitamins For Women

It sometimes feels like a running theme across moms everywhere is that we are T-I-R-E-D! Whether it's from sleepless nights in the newborn stage, chasing after a busy toddler, or constantly on-the-move shuttling older...

Finding Balance In The Thick Of Motherhood

Finding Balance In The Thick Of Motherhood This time of year, the winter blues can creep in. Or, maybe it's a struggle to figure out your identity with this new title of Mom. --I've been...

Best Stocking Stuffers For Dads

Best Stocking Stuffers For Dads I'll admit: Dada's stocking ends up being one of the last gifts I think about. I do put quite a bit of thought into his 'big gift,' promise! However, those...

Best Seafood Restaurants In Austin

Best Seafood Restaurants In Austin Growing up on the Gulf Coast, I developed a palate for fresh seafood at an early age. Local-caught Gulf shrimp, oysters and red snapper (just to name a few) are...

Best Snacks For Extracurricular Activities

Best Snacks For Extracurricular Activities Who else goes through snacks like they're going outta style? So. many. snacks. If my 3-year-old had it her way, she'd survive on snacks alone. I don't indulge too much...

Best Hair Salons In Austin

Best Hair Salons In Austin I totally have a love / hate relationship with my hair. Once upon a time, I had smooth, long, sun-kissed waves. Then, puberty hit and those waves sprung into a...

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