Lisa Haynes

Lisa Collins-Haynes is full-time photographer, for the past 7 years. She specializes in client work for motherhood sessions and underwater portraits. She also does commercial work in food and product photography. Lisa holds a BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a Masters in Business Administration. Before becoming a photographer, Lisa was an International Travel Writer and enjoyed traversing the globe and story-telling to her readership. Writing was an unexpected pathway into the diverse world of photography for her. When not working behind the lens, Lisa enjoys volunteering in the community, cooking, traveling with her husband and spending time with family and friends. She resides in North Austin; has one college-aged daughter and a grand puppy named, Cookie.

An Adoption Story

November is National Adoption Month and a time where we raise awareness of the urgent need to find adoptive families for children.  I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with a local...

Keep the Boo Out of Your Halloween with These Safety Tips

Halloweens of today, are way different than Halloweens when I was a kid. It was a safer, more care-free time and my parents didn’t have the same types of worries during the holiday as...

Lunch Box Love: Notes and Jokes From the Heart

Do you leave notes in your kids lunch boxes for them to find every day?  You don’t?!  Well you definitely should.  Kids love getting fun notes from their parents, grandparents and other people in their...

Nothing Sweeter Than An Empty Nest

I can recall when my daughter turned 10-years old, going into a count down mode.  Each year afterwards I was another year closer to an empty nest.  I had big plans, long lists and...

The Longest Day — Let’s Talk about Alzheimer’s

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and a time where we show support for those living with Dementia.  In an effort to gain some understanding about this disease, I reached into my circle...

Meet Lisa Collins-Haynes | Austin Moms 2022 Contributor

So this one time at band camp....okay not really (I've never even been to band camp LOL).....I'm Lisa Collins-Haynes, lover of passport stamps, long walks on beaches on exotic  islands and a self proclaimed...