Mary J. Mearig

I love sunshine and have no idea what a day without coffee would be like. I’m married to my high school prom date. I met my husband Seth in our hometown Juneau, Alaska where we had our wedding 14 years ago. Seth has my name tattooed on his bicep and we go back to AK every summer. I’m a #boymom to three wild, funny, charming, energetic little men. I like to think of parenting as a great’s too soon to tell if it worked or not! While we wait for the results, I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

Suicide Prevention Month: Warning Signs and Resources

September is Suicide Prevention Month and as parents we need to be educated about the risk factors and warning signs of youth suicide. While it’s wonderful we have a month to bring awareness to...

What to Know About the Bats in Austin

Y'all, it's Bat Appreciation Day! Austin is home to one of the most famous and one of the largest urban bat colonies in North America. Every night around sunset March through September you can...

Navigating Black History Month as a Transracial Family 

I’ve always approached Black History Month in school with a bit of trepidation because every year it fails me! As a mom of three Black boys, I realized early on that they were getting...

Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

What are the kids into these days? Our teenagers are the trickiest to gift because they are not really into toys and they are definitely not into what their parents might want. They’re super...

How to Set a Fabulous Thanksgiving Table

I love a set table at Thanksgiving, surrounded by friends and family. There’s definitely a time and a place for paper plates and a buffet, but for this occasion I like to heap food...

5 Must Make Cookie Recipes

Nothing is as comforting and sweet as homemade cookies fresh from the oven, am I right? And I love the way the house smells while they’re baking! For me, baking is a creative outlet...

Central Texas Wildlife & Why We Love Them

One of the things I love most about living in Central Texas are all the fun critters that wander through our yard. Here are a few of the most commonly sighted Austin area wildlife...

The 5 Best Prosecco Cocktails

Is there anything happier than a flute of champagne or prosecco? It can take you from brunch, to a baby shower, to Mother’s Day, to Sunday funday, to GNO, to boss babe celebration, to...

Where to Watch Fireworks in Austin

Are you ready to celebrate our all-American independence in ATX? This year, 4th of July falls on a Monday and there will be fireworks shows all weekend long and all across the greater Austin...

Why I Hired an Education Consultant

I wasn’t familiar with the term “Education Consultant” until my son was graduating from 8th grade and it became clear that the public high school in west Austin that we are zoned to was...