Melissa McCartney

Melissa McCartney
Melissa has lived in Austin for a little over 2 years now and continues to fall in love with this city every day. She is fueled almost entirely by iced coffee to keep up as a working mom to three kids ranging in age from one to seven. Her current gig is working in marketing for a snack food brand, but has worked for companies like Munchkin, Guess and Sony. On weekends you can usually find her on a patio somewhere hanging with her not-so-little fam soaking in the Texas sunshine. She has a laid-back approach to parenting, mostly because as a veteran mom she’s learned to roll with punches. She deals with the chaos of motherhood with a healthy dose of sarcasm, girls’ nights, and pedicures. Last, but certainly not least, she can never say no to any opportunity that involves tacos and margaritas.

Meet Melissa McCartney | Austin Moms 2022 Contributor

I'm Melissa McCartney. I often tell people that even though I’m not originally from Austin, I was always meant to be here. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but...