Michelle Tate

Michelle Tate
Michelle is a native Austinite. A former Elementary school teacher, she now stays at home with her boys, Mason (2011), Hudson (2015), and Brady (2017). She has been married to her college sweetheart, Brian, since 2008. She enjoys traveling, sewing and refinishing furniture, reading and spending time with family and friends.
baby #3

20 Things I Should Have Known Before Baby #3

You'd think by the third kid in 6 years, I'd have this baby thing down. In some ways, I felt at ease preparing for our transition to a family of 5. In other ways,...
non-candy Easter

50 Non-Candy Easter Gifts

If you're like me, I'm starting to get stumped when it comes to ideas for filling the Easter baskets. What could they possibly need after we just wrapped up the Christmas season and put...

Everyday Superhero

Living in a house full of boys, there are a lot of trucks, dinosaurs, and superheroes in my life. I love the idea of superheroes. The good always prevailing. My husband is MY everyday...

My Child Is Obsessed With Doing Things By Himself

Look, I'm all for instilling a healthy sense of independence in my kids. I'm even a little eager for a bit of independence. It's kind of nice when they can dress themselves, buckle themselves...
never have a daughter

What It Means To Never Have A Daughter

When we found out our third (and last) baby was a boy to join his two older brothers, I realized the plain fact that I would never have a daughter. Three boys. That was...

Gratitude After The Season of Thanks

There always seems to be a lull after Christmas. The holiday season is often so busy that once it's over, the house feels bare, our calendars free up a bit, and we all seem...
sleep training

Sleep Training Saved My Sanity

There are a lots of different methods out there for getting babies to sleep. As I was scrounging for my new baby to sleep, I felt like I researched every method out there. In...
soul sister

I Found My Soul Sister

I may have gained a sister through marriage, but she's way more than just my husband's sister to me. She's my soul sister. We are sister wives...that don't share a husband. But, we pretty...
don't know what I'm doing

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, but Please Don’t Tell My Kids

Have you ever had those days with your kids where you feel like you've totally failed at the day? Please tell me it's not just me! I don't know what I'm doing, but please don't tell...
holiday chaos

Embracing Holiday Chaos

There are countless holiday movies providing comic relief to the oh-so-common struggle of holiday chaos. Sometimes, I feel like our family holidays are the perfect script for one of these holiday movies. My family...