Missy Sharpe

guide to spring

An Austin Mom’s Guide to Spring 2018

Full spring ahead! So much to see and do as a family this season so pull out your planner and add some of these to the calendar!  We are so excited this month to introduce...
parenting equal responsibilities

My Husband Has More Than Just a Supporting Role in Parenting

On Friday, my near 1-year-old son had a stomach bug and stayed home from school. On Saturday, my daughter caught the same bug. I was resenting that my husband was busy working in Oahu,...
discounts for teachers

Teacher’s Guide to Discounts and Freebies

Whether you can’t wait to meet your new students or wish you could have a few more days with your own kids, back to school is approaching fast. Professional development has started/ended, and it’s...
North Austin

I Love North Austin

I'm a North Austin girl. Always been, and always will be. If you tell me Brodie or it's around the "Y in Oak Hill"...I'm utterly lost without my GPS.  From the great schools, to the...

Why We <3 UberEATS

You know those nights: The fridge is bare. The freezer meals you can scrounge up are boring. Or even the mere thought of cooking anything makes you want to lay down and kick your...

Dear Infertility…You Suck

Dear Friend, Everyone makes it look so easy. The adorable pregnancy announcements, the giddy gender reveals, and the sweet smiling faces in the hospital just after giving birth. However real and frustrating it may seem...

Austin’s Best Kid-Friendly Pizza Places

Some days pizza is the solution to all of life’s woes. Something gooey, cheesy, and crispy that just hits the spot. Luckily, pizza also makes our kids’ tummies happy too. It’s a win-win combination...

Do You Have A Baby Shower for Baby #2, #3, #4, etc?

“I don’t do gifts for Baby #2,” says the baby Grinch. Just kidding (sorta.) Many people have many feelings about baby showers past their first baby. My take is…Welcome to 2016, and whatever you feel...

50 Things To Do Over Spring Break in Austin

Spring break may be a break from school -- but it is NOT a break from being a parent. There’s a whole week to entertain the kiddos that are normally engaged in school. But...

Apps to Simplify Your (Mommy) Life

It’s a new year, and if you’ve already fallen off the resolution wagon have no fear. You still have 10 more months to make up for it. While mine are still to drink less...