Patrice Hernandez

2X Best-Selling Author Patrice Hernandez was born and raised in Georgia. This Air Force Veteran has planted roots with her family in Austin, Texas. She holds her Bachelor's degree in Business and Master's in Business Administration(MBA). Patrice is an Entrepreneur, Writer, and Educator. She enjoys sharing magical moments in her life with hopes for others to see that we all experience beautiful moments each day. Moments that are filled with gratitude, love, and hope for all that we desire in life. You will often find this introvert writing her holiday script, educating others about the value of creating a vision board, or exploring the city of Austin and its most beautiful hiking spots. Discover the magic of positivity, kindness, gratitude, and all things LADY with Patrice.

Fall Family Traditions to Start This Season

Although Fall is officially here, we seem to have a slow start for relief from cooler temperatures in Texas. Starting fall traditions with your family is a sweet way to welcome the Autumn season....

Relaxation: 12 Simple Ways to Take A Mommy Moment

It is such a challenge to sneak in a relaxation day for ourselves. We often want to relax but look at our never-ending to-do list and feel guilty because there is just so much...

Making a Care Package for a Friend in Need

Creating and gifting a care package for a friend can symbolize hope and light when things are bleak and dark. Share a heartfelt token to express appreciation for her being a lovely friend or...

To My Daughter, the Graduate!

My Dearest Daughter, I can’t believe how fast time has passed. You’re now officially ready to graduate high school. It feels weird for me to know you’ll no longer be a high school student. It...

National Gardening Month-Ready, Set, Grow With Your Kids!

It is National Gardening Month! This month take the time to get your hands dirty with your kiddos and watch your children and garden grow. Beyond the hustle and bustle of life, starting a...

10 Texas Destinations for Spring Break

Spring is right around the corner and after a not-so-blistery Texas winter, families are ready for a break from the hustle and bustle of making lunches, studying for state tests, and waking up before...

Safe Resources for Domestic Abuse

This is the sixth and final post in a series intended to bring awareness and provide resources for those who experience domestic abuse and domestic violence through the personal stories of some of our...
Holiday Season

Bringing Peace into the Home During the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year when the world falls in love. No matter where you’re from, your career choice, or what you believe in...The holiday season is a time to reconnect with yourself and...

Abusive Relationships: Recognizing the Red Flags

This is the fourth in a six-part series on abusive relationships and domestic abuse/violence. The new Netflix show, Maid, has brought attention to emotional abuse and the role it plays in domestic violence. The show...

5 Things to Consider Before Decluttering Your Home

This fall, I want to be intentional about the items we have and what we bring into our home. That starts with decluttering and appreciating what we have now.  Since going back to work 2...