Stephanie Harris

Stephanie is a UT grad who lived free spiritedly in Austin in the 1990s. In late 2019, her family of 4 relocated back to Austin from the mountains of Colorado. She is thrilled to be back in Texas, where the sun sets over the horizon. Stephanie is mother to Chloe (12) and Jordan (10). In 2015 her experience of motherhood morphed suddenly into unusual and uncharted territory, when Chloe (then 7) was diagnosed with AML leukemia. Her blog chronicles her family’s successful and empowering journey through childhood cancer. Stephanie is a NetworkSpinal chiropractor and owner of Transform Austin Health Center in South Austin. A lifelong athlete, nature lover, and spiritual seeker, she can be found chasing birds and occasionally hugging trees (when no one’s watching).
mom guilt

Six tips for minimizing mom guilt after my child lived through cancer

I don’t think I’ve met a mother who has not felt mom guilt about something, in terms of raising her kids. I’m convinced that we are biologically wired for mom guilt as a survival...

10 Tips for Sensitive Moms During Quarantine

It’s Monday morning. Monday’s are difficult for me right now. After a weekend of not bearing the burden of guiding my pirate children through the choppy seas of quarantine home school (or, “distance learning”...
mothering skills

Quarantine has done a number on my mothering skills, for better and for worse

Quarantine has done a number on my mothering skills, for better and for worse. The light of our togetherness as a family has shone into the cracks in my unconsciousness, illuminating the blind spots...

World Health Day, Celebrating the Real Heroes

I can’t think of a more ironic situation for World Health Day. While I try my best to avoid spiraling down into the rabbit hole of anxiety and fear over the state of our...

Meet Stephanie Harris :: Chiropractic Practicing Mama Of A Cancer Survivor

Stephanie was born in Ohio and raised there by many generations of Ohioans, but found her way to Texas via her heart. The summer after her first year of college, she followed her high...