Tashara Angelle

Tashara Angelle is a native East Austinite who grew up loving the culture of the eastside and all the "weird" things about the city. She is a proud wife to her husband Alvan and a new mom to a 10-month-old daughter. Tashara has worked in education for over 12 years where she was a high school teacher and served as a district administrator. Alongside her career in education, Tashara is a freelance writer who writes content for small businesses and enjoys helping them engage with their audience. As a freelance writer, she also contributes editorials to online newsletters. Her favorite topics to write about are public affairs, politics, and religion which always makes for engaging conversations. In her free time, she enjoys hanging with her hubby and baby girl, writing, traveling, people watching, and doing all of the activities listed above, simultaneously.
Tashara Angelle

Austin Moms is Growing! Meet Tashara Angelle

Meet Tashara Angelle. We were in the middle of a fight.  Likely after another night of sleep deprivation from waking up with the new human that I’d just birthed 3 months before. The fight was probably...