Traci McClead


Teaching Kids about Death: Dog Gone

Apparently I can handle the stress of my daughter fighting cancer for a decade, losing my father to cancer in less than 9 months, uncertain financial fate, and relocating to a place we knew...

Favorite Tasty Tacos in Austin

It's National Taco Day! On this grand day I wanted to provide you a list of the best tacos in and around the Austin area. After all, it's our duty as moms to teach...

Cancer’s Silver Lining

Today marks three years since my daughter walked out of her last radiation treatment. She was 9 years old that day and 3 weeks away from turning 10. Most of those years were spent battling...

Dear Son, Before You Go

I realize I'm not a minority and there are other moms in my shoes but I wanted to share my experience for others who have felt this way or those who are close to...

6 Types of Summer Moms You Probably Know

6 Types of Summer Moms You Probably Know So let's be honest, summer is a mom's game. If dad is present he will participate and I'm sure he will even have a say in the...

Teaching Children About Death: Losing A Grandparent

I have tried to forget it. I have blocked from my memory the whirlwind of information that was vomited upon us and the roller coaster of emotions I would experience. While I was focusing...

Teaching Children About Death: When Tragedy Strikes

Death has always been a heavy and hard conversation to have with children but when a tragedy like the Orlando shootings happen, and it is blasted all over the news, it is taken to...

Dear Mom of An Autistic Child

When people ask what it's like to work with an autistic student I used to have a hard time putting it into words. After years of personal and professional interaction with several kids who...

My Marriage is Broken, and I Bet Yours is Too.

My Marriage is broken, and I bet yours is too. Calm down. Let’s look at the definition of broken and dive a little deeper to help us recognize if our marriage is actually broken. Broken: adjective...

My Top Ten Fears As a Now Married Mom

So I haven’t always been in this fairytale romance of a marriage. At the wise old age of twenty I became a mom. My son wasn’t part of my plans but he made me...